Strankenstein's Zombie Prom 2018

So...I have to talk about Strankenstein's Zombie Prom.

I had actually heard about the event several years ago, but didn't have a date...and also probably had to work, knowing me.  Now I not only had a date, but he was the self-proclaimed "zombie king" (haha, no really, his email name says that...) so Allyn and I decided to go.  The creators of the event have been doing this particular event for a long time and it's for a great cause--juvenile diabetes research.  Since I had my Legionary costume, I had the bright (you'll get it in a second) idea to be a Glowing One.

In the Fallout universe, zombies are called ghouls, and some are sentient while the more "zombie" like are called 'feral' in-game.  Glowing Ones are particularly interesting because they are feral (except one aptly named Jason Bright) and they absorb a large amount of radiation which actually heals them and any other nearby ghouls, so they're quite powerful and interesting to look at.  The biggest factor relating to chances of becoming a ghoul or Glowing One is simply exposure to radiation, and once in New Vegas I kind of sort of accidentally nuked a whole Legion settlement (whoops!) and arrived on the shore of the island to find a horde of Glowing One Centurions charging at me.  I promptly died.  But I thought they looked AMAZING with that Legionary armor and their zombie flesh. I've been fascinated with the idea ever since, and lo and behold, I had the costume, so it just made sense.  I even made a doodle in anticipation of the occasion. 

ps--are you following my art instagram? YOU SHOULD!! @haifisch_art

We started brainstorming for how to pull this off (and there were a lot of things we didn't get to do due to time constraints, which makes me desperately wish there was a do-over.)  Sometimes I despise working midnight to noon on Saturday because it kills my mood and any creativity I would've had.  I knew I wanted to go full bald cap, which excited Allyn not only because he'd get to learn a new technique but also I'm pretty sure he has a thing for the Vin Diesel look.  UV paint was applied on top of the regular body paint and it looked REALLY cool under a black light, which I sadly didn't take any photos of.  We did some eye socket sculpting and not much else, but according to everyone it looked really cool.  I just wish we would have had more time, but I can't complain about how I looked with the time constraint given.

One cool thing is that the makeup and costume combined really gave off a voodoo look, which was unintentional but awesome.  The 'face' on my mask is a symbol for death anyway, so it works for a zombie priestess.  Allyn's Slink costume was perfect, not only because I can imagine Julian Slink DEFINITELY going to a zombie prom and stirring up trouble, but also because his style looks very Papa Legba or Baron Samedi.  We matched, and happened to look quite Louisana-style-zombie in the process. We also gave Allyn some fake blood to make him look a bit closer to Julian in the scene where he murders a potential job interviewee.

And the coolest part about that? Blood Drive's official Instagram reposted a photo of him!

Unfortunately, the above was one of the only photos I took of him--his contacts and the blood REALLY brought Slink to life in a way that was almost supernatural.  I swear Allyn and I would make terrible full-time bloggers because we NEVER remember to take a lot of photos at any event we go to.  It's a dilemma because I want them to look back on and I enjoy showing off our cool escapades, especially for Ender when he gets older and thinks we're boring slobs, but I also hate seeing people walk around with phones and cameras glued to their eyeballs, so I make a point of NOT overdoing it on the social media aspect of outings.  Like I say, we'd fail as bloggers.

I will say this, I was VERY impressed with the venue, setup, and all the work that was put into this event.  I almost wish we would have hired a babysitter for poor Ender--he was sick and was not feeling any of it--so most of our time was spent attending to him.  But there was a live band, which I usually hate because live bands and cover bands tend to sound like nails on a chalkboard, but these guys sounded FANTASTIC.   Very talented! There were booths and spooky decor and a great dining setup and everything your heart could desire, all at Ogden's beautiful and historic Union Station.  I really loathe driving to Ogden but sometimes it's worth it.  This was one of those times.  Like I mentioned the event is for a great cause and I am so happy we went.


We entered the contest for "Zombie King and Queen" and WON!  I never win anything.  I think I won 7 dollars on a scratch lottery ticket as a kid and that's it.  I NEVER win!  But we won and we won as a team, and I was and am still blown away by the gorgeous flowers and tiara and plaques that we got to take.  I'll probably post a photo once they're all set up in our newly rearranged bedroom, but wow.  I felt so special even though I was a gross rotten radioactive corpse.  The judges said that they chose us because of the work we put in and how well we worked as a team and I got all choked up because Allyn and I are nothing if not a good creative team.  Creating and making things and showing our love for the gory, weird, gross, beautiful and anything in between is what brought us together in the first place.  It felt so fantastic and humbling to be recognized by others for our passion.

The organizers posted a video highlighting a lot of the event, click below to watch that.  And a huge thanks to everyone who helped--Derik and Niki for helping with Ender, the organizers who put on an amazing event, and most of all Allyn, the newly crowned ZOMBIE KING!