2018 Rat Fink Reunion

I had a random trade day at the beginning of June and decided it would be a fun "small" getaway for the family.  I was looking into car shows and found out that the Rat Fink Reunion was taking place that same weekend!


Rat Fink is the above grotesque, ugly character created by Ed Roth.  Rat Fink and a bunch of other equally disturbing illustrations (haha I really do not like how they look) are kind of synonymous with kustom kulture--special and unique vehicles, artwork, hairstyle, fashion..the whole nine--from the 50's and onward.  Ed Roth was a great artist and made some pretty famous vehicles, including custom motorcycle builds, and as it turns out he traded his partying ways for Mormonism before he passed.  He moved to Manti, Utah and that's where the reunion is held.  There's also a museum dedicated to Ed in the town.

Grungy and not-so-normal is the vibe, and that's exactly Allyn's jam when it comes to cars.  He and I have different tastes but that's one aesthetic we agree on, and we knew there would be cool stuff to see.  I was also eager to get the EEFFFFFF out of the city for a night and enjoy small towns again.  What's with me, right? I'm so old, haha.  I remember being 22 and saying "I LOVE living in the city!!11!1" NO MORE.

We spent the night in Gunnison, an adjacent sleepy town. I considered the one motel in Manti, but the motel sign literally said "CTR"on the sign! and I am so not into that.  (The motel in Gunnison had a big huge picture of Jesus from the Book of Mormon in the lobby, but still...it's better than on the actual outside of the motel, right?)  The "town" of Gunnison is so small and quaint, it almost felt like being back in Goodsprings, except the prison was literally a stone's throw away.  I love the strangeness of small towns in the west--they're their own enigmas. 

The next morning we got all doody'd up and went to Manti, a short drive away.  On the way to the "town" is this ridiculous, obscene-looking temple.  It was actually pretty cool and I enjoyed looking at it.  Don't get me wrong, I despise religion and have no love for LDS history, but I can appreciate fine architecture, and it will be quite the hideout in the desert once the apocalypse comes.  It's odd but none of the photos online do this ominous, towering structure any real justice.  Here's the best I could find.  But have no fear, when the aforementioned apocalypse comes and we take over, I'll be sure to take a lot of photos.  I do have some pretty severe megalophobia and this building had me pretty uncomfortable.  I dig it!

Onto the reunion, though--Allyn had been saving this awesome steel-bodied "Beetle" for his hypothetical child whom now exists.  I say "Beetle" because this company made toy cars in the 70s and never approved their design through Volkswagen, so Volkswagen put a stop to it and now these rare, illegal cars are pretty valuable.  They're push cars, but Allyn took it a step further and made it into a moving RV car.  He controlled the remote, and we sat Ender in it so he could drive around!!

Now I will say, at first I was terrified of this thing.  Ender is only nine months, this was a push toy made for older kids, and never meant to be a remote controlled vehicle.  But I got over the jitters quickly.  Ender was a natural.  I don't even think he cared.  In fact, he fell asleep a few times, LOL!  But he was one cool dude.  We were driving him around and parking him by the cool cars for photo ops.  The funniest moment was when we drove him under this HUGGGE monster car and heard the people on the other side laughing when a kid just popped out from under the vehicle with no warning!

As expected there were a ton of cool cars.  Allyn got an awesome printed tin sign with a rat rod on it and I got a rat fink hairbow.  I do think the characters look atrocious but I wanted something to help me remember the event, and it did the trick.  I almost wish we could've spent two or three days there because we got so tired, so fast, that we didn't get to see everything, including the museum.

But it was a great family outing, and our first time away from home with Ender since we went to Tennessee last year.  Whole different ballgame with a moving, crawling baby--I much prefer the lumpy newborn stage!! Travel is going to be different from now on, but that's okay.