My Favorite Book(s)

I didn't feel like going in order so I picked one I actually feel like talking about:

What’s your favorite book/movie of all time and why did it speak to you so much?

A few things came to mind when I saw that question...namely my "big two" movies, Life of Pi and The Grey.  I've actually already written about the Grey although it was forever ago, and I'm pretty sure I wrote about the life of Pi on my now-defunct Wordpress blog (it's a great platform, but too much maintenance for someone as bored and disinterested in MAKING AN IMPACT as me....) anyway, what a bummer!  I'll give them a brief mention.

Nobody who reads has a single favorite book, right?  I have two that rank top favorite out of anything ever, even Jane Eyre, so here they are:

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Ray Bradbury was the epitome of storyteller, and the thing I love about this book is how it really feels like you're a kid when you read it as a kid, and yet it feels like you're an adult when you read it as an adult.  I read it when I lived at home and I was around 12, and these horrifying scenes of Mr. Cooger going backwards and turning into a creepy boy (why are the gingers always the creepy kids?) and the Dust Witch and her balloon really truly kept me awake at night.  It was such an eerie, wonderful tale.  But rereading it as an adult I found myself enjoying the symbolism between the two main characters (Will and Jim, light and dark, good and evil, willpower and temptation...etc) as well as being in 10000% sympathy with Will's dad.  One of the themes of the book is aging itself, and I think as an adult the scariest thing besides that Dust Witch is how real the scenes depicting the father's struggle with his age feel and sound.  When I reread it I didn't even have kids....I'm betting if I reread it when Ender's eleven I'll be super depressed.  Still......great book.  Great symbolism.  Great imagery.  Set in the perfect era.  Expressive and fantastic. Oh and Mr. Dark probably started my crush on guys in stovepipe hats.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
This book made it on my memorial painting for my mom's death; it was one of the rare books we 'bonded' over.  I say 'bonded' because after she finally let me read it at 14 years old I just kind of stared at her in abject horror and she nodded fervently, and that's pretty much how everyone reacts to this book.  (I saw the movie much later and was extremely disappointed in it) Chief is such an amazing character, and his admiration and love for McMurphy is really touching amid all the just downright horrific things that happen in the story.  The symbolism again is really strong here, but the themes are of course, establishment and mental health...really such a progressive book for its time.  And the narration! My god.  Here just read it.
I don't fight or make any noise. If you yell it's just tougher on you. I hold back the yelling. I hold back till they get to my temples. I'm not sure it's one of those substitute machines and not a shaver till it gets to my temples; then I can't hold back. It's not a will-power thing any more when they get to my temples. It's a [...] button, pushed, says Air Raid Air Raid, turns me on so loud it's like no sound, everybody yelling at me, hands over their ears from behind a glass wall, faces working around in talk circles but no sound from the mouths. My sound soaks up all other sound.

Ugh, SO MANY GOOD PASSAGES LIKE THAT.  And the humor in that book is just perfect.

Okay, I can't help but mention one third runner up:

Intensity I knew I had to read this book when it was told to me that one of my foster dad's daughters had put it in the freezer because it scared her so much.  Haha!  To be honest, the protagonist reminds me of myself, and it's just a grueling and terrible and painful book.  I like pretty much anything by Dean Koontz but this book is in a whole different realm of amazing.

 Honorable mentions: (aka my 900 other favorite books...)   Black Beauty, Great Expectations, Behind the Attic Wall, The Witch Returns, Harry Potter series of course!, Dark Matter: A Ghost Story, Jane Eyre, Brother Odd, and Frankenstein.

That's about all I have time to write; I might do a part 2 for the movies!

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