Favorites from Saltair

Since I talk so much on this blog about Saltair I thought I'd share some of my favorites through the years.  I'll start with photos from the original resort, then the II incarnation.  For those of you who aren't aware, I got married at the entrance to the old Saltair a few months ago.

Some exterior shots:

Interior shots:

Below are some inside shots of the Hippodrome; bike racing, movies, and all sorts of cool activities happened here.

 Construction of the Hippodrome.

The ship's "on the lake" restaurant, the Leviathan.


That's about it for the first Saltair.  Of course, it's the best--did you see that architecture?  I can appreciate that the second Saltair kept the "theme" alive, but there's just no competition when it comes to loveliness.  What I would've given to see that old wooden resort!  Anyway, Saltair II is the building where any Saltair notoriety happened.  Carnival of Souls was based on it and filmed on it, it was in the Great Brine Shrimp, and on the back of a Beach Boys album as well as in a few low budget post apocalyptic movies.

The Second Saltair has its own weird charm; instead of being an oasis for Depression-era entertainment, it was more of a sinking, struggling park that despite having a fanbase, just couldn't compete with the automobile and the activities that were closer to home.  Also, the resort stood for quite some time after it was abandoned (instead of burning down in seconds like the original...) so I can only imagine the stories that wanderers from before my time have of exploring the abandoned, neglected resort.  I have yet to run across any photos or stories from a 50's/60's urban explorer, but I'm sure they exist. The stories, at least.

 One 'benefit' of sitting abandoned (besides having a horror movie made about you) is the ability to see the decay in photographs. Have a look.

WHAT I WOULD GIVE. But, if you've ever read this blog before, you already know that.  lol.
One thing I didn't do in 2017 was get out there and explore my beloved site.  The lake rose so much that I probably couldn't have seen much anyway, but being pregnant impeded most "exploration" particularly in the summer.  This coming year I want to go treasure hunt again, but not before I go into the Salt Lake City archives and find the old blueprints; I know they exist and they're in a private collection at the U.  If I can get them, I can mentally map out where everything was, and know exactly what's where down at the old site.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the slice of Saltair!

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