2017 Visit to Ghost Town in the Sky

Holy smokes what a month! So glad April is over.  Anyway, let's get right into the story--the next (but is it final?) chapter of Ghost Town in the Sky.  If you're new here or are curious, the recap starts with this entry, where I share what Ghost Town is and how much it means to me.  I have a few photos on this entry, from when I visited and attempted to climb the mountain in autumn of 2016.

But this time we made it!  I had to make a video about this because it's a story that's meant to be heard, not a blog that's meant to be written.  You can watch/listen to me blab, sorry I don't have any fancy equipment for vlogging--and I'll post photos below.  If you're here from the Ghost Town Facebook group, welcome!  You guys are like an odd family to me.  It's not just me who longs for the olden golden days, and I hope this update is good news to you.

A note on the photos: I should have/could have taken more, but as I stated in the video, we were so busy exploring and being in awe at actually being there, I couldn't ruin the moments over and over by snapping 100000000000s of photos.  Also, a lot of the park was not recognizable, particularly over by the slide area.  

I will never understand repainting and renaming this coaster.  Red Devil suited it perfectly!  Anyway, look at that view. 

 I was so surprised and happy to see that the Silver Dollar Saloon looks so classy!  My mom used to tell me that one day if I practiced and got good enough, maybe I could play that piano up there.  It was my dream.  

I  hate giving attention to terrible people, but my outrage was so bad I took this for sharing with others who respected this place as much as I did.

The above and following photos are the left and right views of the entrance to the ride area.  This top photo is the once-great ride area, devoid of...well, everything.  This was the unrecognizable part, and it's easy to see why if you've been here over the past 20 years.  It looks nothing like the vibrant, busy theme park it used to be. 

The below photo shows the maw of the slide, where you can really tell just what a chunk is missing.  The entire hollowed out area took rides and fences and whatever else along with it, they're sitting at the bottom.  I'm not sure how safe the area currently is, but the whole place made me so incredibly uneasy that I went from excited to ready to leave in under five minutes.  

 One of the only recognizable rides.  How many times have I sat in these seats, placating my whiny kid sister because it was the ride she liked? Ha! 
Above photo is the sign, sitting on the edge of the slide where it almost met an untimely death.  Well, it still kind of did, but at least (most of it) is on top of the mountain rather than down at the bottom.  

Bonus bottom photo!  Change the name and signage and rebrand... THIS is the Ghost Town in everyone's hearts! 


  1. Thank you, I enjoyed your commentary on Ghost Town! I to share similar memories of the attraction. Ghost Town was the inspiration for when my dad built our own Ghost Town attraction in Georgia called Rocky Branch Ghost Town. Open to the public from 2007 to 2011. But now under new management as we sold the property. We also were a haunted attraction every year we were open for the month of October and had a train that is currently at the Pine Mountain Gold museum in Villa Rica Ga. I will have fond memories of both ghost towns. Thanks

    1. Thanks for watching and reading! I'm glad we had similar great memories. I've never heard of Rocky Branch Ghost Town, I LOVE that Ghost Town in the Sky was an inspiration :) No matter what happens we have our memories of Ghost Town.

  2. Thank you for posting this. Even though I lived 360 miles away, our family would visit GT on a regular basis. While going to GT for over forty years, I dreamed of working there and becoming a designer of new attractions. I thought it might have been possible until recently. I even moved to Maggie Valley four years ago because of my love for MV and GT. I have spent my entire career in the arts and entertainment field. If I only had the investors ...

    1. You are very welcome, and thanks for watching/reading! We lived a good ways away (not that far though!) I also dreamed of working there, I wanted to "own" the Silver Dollar Saloon haha and make the whole place a haunted town for Halloween. How do you like Maggie Valley? If I had the money I'd move there for sure, it's an absolutely beautiful area. But I would definitely move there if they opened Ghost Town. I agree with you--If only us fans had the money and the right people who could see what we saw for all those years. Here's to hoping.