A Valentine's Memory

I haven't had very much important to share lately, plus I've been really sick.  However I got one of those random 'memory' things that popped up on my Facebook and I loved the story so much, I wanted to memorialize it further by putting it here on my internet space.  I absolutely love Valentine's Day, it was my parents anniversary.  

(The only redeeming quality of Fallout 4 was Nick Valentine...) 

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"I was a poor kid (duh.) Back in my day we used to buy our classmates Valentines. If you were rich, you got to hand out the kind that had suckers attached, or smarties, or some other little doodad. If you were me, you got off-brand (aka not Looney Tunes, Space Jam, Animaniacs, or Lisa Frank--god I miss the 90's) Valentine's with barely enough stickers to fold onto the cardboard.

One year my mom hadn't bought them and we were counting down the days. I was really stressed out and as a last resort started cutting up pieces of notebook paper and drawing personalized Valentine's. I drew something different for each classmate, something relevant to them (one girl was close to her sister, so I drew her with her sister, one boy had just bought a playstation that he never shut up about, so I drew that on his) I had no fancy crafts or tools, just pencils and notebook paper. Lo and behold Mom pulled through with her Dollar General Valentine's the night before and I almost scrapped my hand drawn ones, because they looked even cheaper and poorer than off-brand hearts and bears. I decided to fold up the personalized notes inside each Valentine and prepared to be ridiculed.

And imagine my surprise when the next day, my Valentine's were the biggest hits with EVERYONE. Even the asshole kids who usually picked on me or called me ugly. They were really impressed, and I kind of sat in a ball in the corner and stared stupidly while everyone got out of their cliques for five minutes and looked at each other's drawings. I mean, I spent considerable time on them but they weren't THAT good. I was shocked. Of course there was one for my teacher as well, and she praised me in front of the whole class and said it meant a lot to everyone, and she reiterated to the class to each thank me. And though my brain was melting from embarrassment at the time, I am pretty sure every single classmate said a genuine thanks.

There's no real moral to the story, other than sometimes people will surprise you, and I think that all of us want to feel special in some way; it's nice to do a little extra here and there. Also, being open and caring like that is terrifying. I think I was 2 seconds from a heart attack that entire day."

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