January Monthly Goals // Bloggy Brunch

Let this count as my 2017 introduction post!  As such, I thought it might be helpful, to, well, introduce myself.  To avoid the risk of regurgitating my about page or my sidebar, I'll try to mix this up a bit.

To start, I'm one of those people who is quiet unless she knows something for sure, and then turns into real life Hermione Granger.  If I don't know my ins and outs of a subject I'm a great listener and learner (provided I give a shit about the topic) but the minute the topic goes to my expertise(s), you can't get me to shut up.  Some of the things I'm a good listener for are chemistry, history, mechanics, and space.  My Hermione topics are anything art related, English/literature related, body language related, and EMS as a whole.  My boss says I'm also really good at mundane, over-articulated paperwork, Thanks Toby!

I often get told I have a bold or strong personality even though I admittedly try to hide this.  I will remain uncomfortably silent until it's absolutely necessary to talk, and I guess the talking that I do ruins my air of mystery and reverence.  It's one thing I don't like about myself so much, because what other people endearingly call "character", I call "brashness" and "over-emotional."  Basically one day if I reach my final form I'd like to be Mr. Spock--rational and calm and cool with great capacity for both thought and emotion.  But it'll never happen.  People also tend to think I'm an extrovert because I can carry a conversation, entertain a room, "liven up" and so on, but most of them never quite understand that if I could literally run away to the mountains and live on tree bark and wear a moss womankini, I absolutely 100% would, but the ski resorts would totally kick me out after the first Mormon sighting of my nipples.  But my point is, I'm actually an introvert and prefer solitude.

I LOVE MY CAT.  I actually have three cats, which make appearances on Instagram, but the older two are shared between my roommate and I, and prefer to be left alone (traumatized shelter cats.)  I got my little Flemith to help me with depression and wow, he changed my life.  Now my little blueberry cream cheese muffin is a huge gigantic fluffbag, and he's independent and feisty instead of loving and tiny, but we still have a bond.  The type of bond where he absolutely has to watch me pee, and escorts me from room to room, and I kiss him until I accidentally drool on him.

January Goals
2017 is going to be a year unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I already know this and will talk about it in the days to come, but mostly I'm just trying to get through the months with my brain intact, so we'll see how it goes.  Fresh start! Woo.

-Finish some paintings. Pretty self explanatory, haha.
-Blog about my Saltair painting.  I posted it on my Instagram if you're curious.
-Create a budget for the year.  I have no idea where to begin with this, but my god I'm going to be 30, it's time...
-Set up my fancy ass new bathroom scale, and watch the number on it not go up this month. Self explanatory, haha.
-Visit Moab, and have a great time!  Room reserved!  Activities planned!  Mini-cation!
-Find and photograph Newspaper Rock and Home of Truth.  An hour south of Moab is the famous petroglyph wall, Newspaper Rock, and an abandoned cult location, called the Home of Truth.  I am super into exploring/photographing abandoned areas and hope I can sneak some photos in of this crazy place.  The story's too long to put here but click the link if you want to read some crazy cult practices. 
-Throw Allyn a birthday party THAT WILL ROCK INTENSELY.  I've got some ideas.
-Schedule a doctor appointment.  What a fun time of year!  Extreme winter!  Sick people!
-Continue therapy and physical therapy.
-Unveil my secret online side project.  This may not be done in time for the end of the month but IMMA TRY!

And that about concludes it!  Linking up with Autumn and Angie. Onward to the bloggy brunch!


  1. Happy New Year! I'm envious that you've got goals. I feel like I'm still readjusting to being back at work after being on break (I know, I shouldn't complain, and I'm not). I usually give myself until the end of January to set goals/pick a word for the year, so I guess I'm on schedule?
    Your line about the moss womankini cracked me up! What an image. :p

  2. Loving your goals! Best of luck accomplishing them and let me know if you need a little help with that budget!