2016 Timeline: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Seems like everyone is writhing in pain, talking about the horror show of 2016.  I think we're all just getting more cynical, because even though I have my fair share of whines and gripes, I have also had some flat-out amazing things happen this year.  I've done so much journeying, I've learned so much, I've met probably the finest people (and reconnected with some amazing ones) so I thought I might summarize it all in a timeline-esque form, trying to go as chronologically as possible.

-I became the proud owner of Luis Sera, my first car!
-I traveled to Sweden and became a Swedish resident.  Thanks Sweden, for -20F.  That was nice.
-I celebrated Valentine's Day alone with a hot dog, which I dropped on the ground as I exited the car.
-I left the abusive, sexist workplace I'd been in for over a year.
-I worked briefly as an armed officer and dealt with sexual harassment on a whole new level.
-I got the most amazing job offer.  And accepted, of course.
-I traveled to Vegas for Derik's birthday and we had a blast.
-Which is where I jumped off the Stratosphere a second time.
-I ended a really toxic relationship/friendship/something??  Why do we waste our time on people?

-Flemith was diagnosed with a congenital peritoneal-pericardial diaphragmatic hernia.
-He was subsequently treated with a lifesaving surgery thanks to the help of some amazing people.
-I turned 29.  I don't like it.
-My favorite presents were a tablet from Derik, my birthday flowers, and a Mad Max bracelet.
-My boss allowed me to assist in teaching EMT class and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!
-My workplace/boss assisted me in re-certifying as an EMT.  I am so grateful for them!
-I ran away to the mountains and spent some time emptying my craziness into the earth.
-I went to Tennessee and visited my family.  I also visited (sort of) Ghost Town in the Sky.
-I participated in a bonafide pin-up contest and had quite a few cool costumes and looks this year.
- I helped a friend leave an abusive marriage, which I'm happy for and proud of.

There's not much else to say about this year...like I said, a lot of good, a lot of bad.  The ugly has already been cast out like garbage, so I can't complain about anything else.  Luckily 2016 is winding down on a positive, if subdued note.  I'm working through the holidays and will be at work to bring in the 2017, business as usual.

One last note--I wanted to showcase some art I've done this year.  I felt completely and absolutely useless artistically, but after putting together a few sketches it looks like my severe artistic constipation is on the upswing, at the very least.  I'm not a fan of most of these works, but at least they're palatable (I think.)

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