2016 Timeline: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Seems like everyone is writhing in pain, talking about the horror show of 2016.  I think we're all just getting more cynical, because even though I have my fair share of whines and gripes, I have also had some flat-out amazing things happen this year.  I've done so much journeying, I've learned so much, I've met probably the finest people (and reconnected with some amazing ones) so I thought I might summarize it all in a timeline-esque form, trying to go as chronologically as possible.

-I became the proud owner of Luis Sera, my first car!
-I traveled to Sweden and became a Swedish resident.  Thanks Sweden, for -20F.  That was nice.
-I celebrated Valentine's Day alone with a hot dog, which I dropped on the ground as I exited the car.
-I left the abusive, sexist workplace I'd been in for over a year.
-I worked briefly as an armed officer and dealt with sexual harassment on a whole new level.
-I got the most amazing job offer.  And accepted, of course.
-I traveled to Vegas for Derik's birthday and we had a blast.
-Which is where I jumped off the Stratosphere a second time.
-I ended a really toxic relationship/friendship/something??  Why do we waste our time on people?

-Flemith was diagnosed with a congenital peritoneal-pericardial diaphragmatic hernia.
-He was subsequently treated with a lifesaving surgery thanks to the help of some amazing people.
-I turned 29.  I don't like it.
-My favorite presents were a tablet from Derik, my birthday flowers, and a Mad Max bracelet.
-My boss allowed me to assist in teaching EMT class and I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!
-My workplace/boss assisted me in re-certifying as an EMT.  I am so grateful for them!
-I ran away to the mountains and spent some time emptying my craziness into the earth.
-I went to Tennessee and visited my family.  I also visited (sort of) Ghost Town in the Sky.
-I participated in a bonafide pin-up contest and had quite a few cool costumes and looks this year.
- I helped a friend leave an abusive marriage, which I'm happy for and proud of.

There's not much else to say about this year...like I said, a lot of good, a lot of bad.  The ugly has already been cast out like garbage, so I can't complain about anything else.  Luckily 2016 is winding down on a positive, if subdued note.  I'm working through the holidays and will be at work to bring in the 2017, business as usual.

One last note--I wanted to showcase some art I've done this year.  I felt completely and absolutely useless artistically, but after putting together a few sketches it looks like my severe artistic constipation is on the upswing, at the very least.  I'm not a fan of most of these works, but at least they're palatable (I think.)


2016 Seasons in Review

So, there will be a few more 'year in review' posts I vomit out before I torch this strange, awkward, Saturn-infested year of 2016 and never look back, but I really wanted to put a spotlight on actual seasons--the passage of time means so much to us measly skinbags, but it's just another turn for mother nature.  Since I go to Silver Lake so often I have photos taken as early as April and as late as November.

Here they are, in order, all taken in 2016...this is what Cottonwood Canyon was doing while we were spazzing out and arguing.  Enjoy a gorgeous year's worth of natural, beautiful seasons!


2016 Looks in Review

I thought it would be fun to break down my year by way of a few different series topics....today I wanted to share some of the awesome costume work/dress up I was able to do in 2016.

I didn't get as much done as I'd like...I wanted to go to about twice as many car shows but my work schedule has been something else.  I'm really happy with how much work I got on my Valkyrie costume, which still isn't finished, but overall I have no complaints on the fun dress up year it was.

Maid Photoshoot
I had a blast and got in the mood for Halloween (it's never too early, haha!)  Costume was a rental, I made the shirt myself.  Marcus was my photographer--check out the post here!

Beriet's Haunted Pin-Up Car Show
Hair and makeup by me!  The dress and parasol were purchased at Retro Betty, the most amazing local shop.  This day meant a lot to me for personal reasons, and I even got to go enter the contest after a twelve hour midnight to noon grave shift, haha (lucky me.)  

 Urban Arts Pinup Contest

My very first bonafide pinup contest!  This was such a hoot to prepare for, and riiiiiidiculously too expensive! I actually went to a salon for my hair (but the style was my own vision) the dress is online, I forget the retailer whoops, the gorgeous mint petticoat was from Retro Betty, and the shoes and stole were thrifted.  One of my friends at work helped me put together the outfit which is great because he's this like, manly hunter and country type but he has the BEST fashion sense ever. Thanks Chadwick!  

Snowbird's Oktoberfest
Spoiler, this was my favorite dress up all year.  I have longed after the beautiful German dirndls only my entire life.  Even as a kid reading Heidi I saw the look and was like THAT'S HOW I WANT TO DRESS EVERY DAY.  I would legit wear this every day if I could!!! The dress was bought on Amazon and it's actually quite nice quality, for the price.  I paired it with some Alpine boots and white leggings.  Alas, it was still too cold for September in the Wasatch mountains.  Oh well, worth it.

Halloween Valkyrie
Looking at these chronological photos it's almost like my costumes got bolder and more outlandish every time, haha!  It's actually kind of true, I got more and more comfortable dressing up and once this idea popped into my head for Halloween, I was working on that helmet like some madwoman in a fever dream.  The mask was made by me, the shoulder piece/torso (like 10% finished) was made by Allyn, and the shield and dress were bought and erm...customized.

I am already planning quite a few costumes and car shows for 2017, so things can only get better!


December Goals

I would be lying if I claimed I wasn't excited that this is the last set of goals I'll be writing for this taxing, strange year.  Let's do it!

WOO BEST TIME OF YEAR!! The snow has already begun falling in Utah and I am already way busier than I should be.  But I can't help loving this season and all of the good in it.  My obnoxious elfishness is tempered by the sadness I feel over the Tennessee wildfire and tornadoes.  Both of these are very close to my home and I have no way to contact my Dad if anything happens, so I just keep updated on the news the best I can (and nag everyone who lives near home on Facebook daily.)


Send Henri's birthday presents SUCCESS I AM A BEACON OF ADULTHOOD.
Progress in physical therapy SUCCESS I've been going a lot and it's been helpful.  Very helpful.
Figure out homemade Christmas presents FAIL  Whoops shit I better get on that.  To my credit I did buy a bunch of cute boxes to load food up in, haha.
Post a vlog about my costume FAIL I did try though.  The video/audio sync is off.  I'm thinking I might just do it on my phone and upload it, because I'm not sure what else to do.
Write a poem SUCCESS it wasn't great, but I wrote it.  Haha, I hate writing poetry.
Get tickets to the Nutcracker FAIL I've decided unfortunately, that it isn't in the budget this year.
Get back to the diet center FAIL I totally forgot about this.  Damn.
Give Charity her present FAIL This is happening this month! (ALONG WITH OTHERS LOL)
Go to my hair extensions consultation FAIL So, funny story.  I set up the appointment. I commit.  Then get a message abruptly from the gal saying she's moving out of state and cancelling my appointment and to call and ask for so-and-so if I still want to get them done.  Haha, was it not meant to be?  Now I'm debating on getting salon extensions or just buying clip ins.  Meh.  Why can't my hair just grow to about three feet long?!

Really? 3 successes and 6 fails? What the actual hell, November???? I actually only wrote four posts the entire month as well, although if I do say so myself the quality of the posts was on point--my costume, Tennessee scenery, an entry on PTSD and a 'catching up' (and griping about blogging) post.  Most importantly this month I learned that I'm going to be an aunt!!! My older sister Amanda is having a baby and I am so thrilled I could eat my hat.  I have to stop myself before I text about 200 times a day begging her to move to Utah.

Other meatspace things I did during the month include going to the symphony, seeing a Pink Floyd laser show for the first time in...forever? Getting some early Christmas shopping done, a halfass crappy portrait painted, and beginning to learn to unicycle.

This picture is actually my ultimate favorite because I had no idea that my little Flemith was in the window watching me, with that very worried expression, haha! "Mom, you are so going to get hurt and then how will you pet me and give me catnip?!" 

Anyhooter, forward.  After looking at this list I am confirming right now that I am insane.  


Send my dad a gift  I am not sure what.  But a care package would be nice.
Complete the following paintings:
-Chadwick's Christmas present
-Charity's Christmas present
-Lacey's Christmas present
-Interior landscape (hard to explain...)
-Snake painting (...also hard to explain) 
I've been slacking in the creative department and it's time to crank out some creative gifts and also expressions before I start a new year. The last two are personal paintings that popped into my head and are awaiting execution.

Learn to unicycle I've alllmost got it, I swear.
Go to the diet center
Make a (secret) costume for cosplay karaoke and attend the event It's the last one! I've never been...
Make Christmas food for people LOTS. OF. BAKING. IN. STORE.

And now, a special blog section, because I can:
Pick a word and theme for 2017 and blog my resolutions!
Do a year in review post
Do a costumes of the year review post

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