November Goals

Thank god we're in the final stretch of this absurd year.  I don't even know what to do with you 2016.  Just get out of my life already.  But first, two months of Christmas? Yeah?

I don't usually post myself in these 'welcome month' photos, but I couldn't help it! The combination of the snow and trees and my hair and makeup was just too good to pass up.  I make a pretty decent Valkyrie, right? (Don't worry, I'm making a vlog about the costume soon) 

First, a recap of October's goals.

Survive Tennessee - PASS
Keep on top of checking account - Pass? Eh? I'm not sure? I have food money and that's it haha.
Plan a good party -  Pass? I had a party.  I am also sick of having parties.  No more parties.
Get thank you's sent out before Tennessee - FAIL  I suck.
Go to another pinup contest - FAIL  I don't mind, cause yeah.
Give Charity her present FAIL  haha oh god, it's the "here's your birthday present on Christmas" thing...
Flemeth's neutering PASS  He lived, he was a bit loopy but now he's my little sweet baby again.

November Goals: 

Send Henri's birthday presents
Progress in physical therapy
Figure out homemade Christmas presents
Post a vlog about my costume
Write a poem
Get tickets to the Nutcracker
Get back to the diet center
Give Charity her damn late present (haha, I am so sorry I suck)
Go to my hair extensions consultation! Woo!

I know, it's quick, but things are busy around here.  I will write or talk more soon! Linking up with Autumn and Emily.


  1. It sounds to me like you did a good job with your October goals. I tend to cut myself some slack most months. As long as it's not a hard no.... ;)
    Good luck with the November goals! I'd love to see the Nutcracker!

    1. hahah I totally agree. There's a world between "maybe not" and "definitely not" :D and thanks for stopping by, if you ever wanna visit SLC and watch the nutcracker you know where to find me

  2. Seems like a decent month's goal progress. Your costume is RAD! I did pathetically last month. I think 4/11 were a pass. Blegh. But I did start some things... I also want to see the Nutcracker this holiday season. I'm also very very behind on a friend's bday mail. Sad. Sad. Sad. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Oh thank you! I love my costume, haha. And 4/11 is better than 0/11...amirite?

      Come to Salt Lake and watch the Nutcracker with me!