October Monthly Goals // Bloggy Brunch

Another month over, 85 sleeps til Christmas---but let's talk about the present! (And very recent past)
One of the most popular months of the year, because it's awesome.   Hi October!

Busy September

I didn't blog very much in September, but what I did say, I feel, was very relevant: speaking out about aging out of foster care, and sharing some gorgeous moments I've had.  I went to Oktoberfest, participated in my first 'real' pinup contest, and had one of my biggest moments of growth surrounded by my favorite mountains.  I feel so good about this past month because I accomplished a lot of milestones, both personal and professional.

Busier October

This month is going to be...well, something.  The way our work schedule pans out is that if one person takes vacation, their relief covers for the duration of the vacation, plus their own shifts.  This means on average, nine or ten days of straight work with no days off.  They are all 12 hour shifts, an hour away from where I live.  The general consensus is that I'll be dead by the time I'm done.  Immediately after this stint, I'm boarding a flight to Tennessee for another five.  After that, I come back home and host a Halloween party, and the month will be over.


Recertify!  PASS Done! I am over the mooooon about how supportive everyone has been!
Go to physical therapy  FAIL  Well, I did get the referral, so I'm halfway there...
Get the goddamn xray done. PASS 
Get my uniforms FAIL Not my fault.  Don't ever use Skaggs and expect prompt service...
Send out thank you cards and repayments for Flemith's surgery FAIL I am so upset this hasn't happened...and I'm hoping I can use my 120 hour 'workweek' to get some leeway done.
Enter another pinup contest  PASS I had soooo much fun.
Go to the State Fair PASS Again--I had a blast! Sort of a bittersweet goodbye, though....
Start a new blog series  FAIL  Whoops haha, that totally didn't happen.
Take more outfit photos FAIL  Yeahhhh I barely wore clothes when I was home. HA!

4/4, not too shabby.  Here's what I've put together for October.

Survive Tennessee  Sounds hilarious, unless you know my story...
Keep on top of checking account  With going out of town I want to really keep an eye on money.
Plan a good party  How? No idea.  I'll figure it out.
Get thank you's sent out before Tennessee  No better thing to do at work when it's quiet!
Go to another pinup contest  I must be insane to take this on considering my schedule.
Give Charity her present  I failed to make it to her party (thanks work) so...late gift it is.
Flemeth's neutering  Oh, it's scheduled for Tuesday and I'm so nervous :'(

Bloggy Brunch

And now, time for the linkup!  I kind of failed at this horrifically last month, but we'll see if I can hold it together for October.


  1. I love fall and I am absolutely obsessed with throwing parties!!! Let me know if you want any tips!

  2. We love sending thank you's and all other types of snail mail!

  3. The fact is you Di some of your goals and that's a good thing
    Have a lovely week
    would love it if you fold check my blog out and follow me

  4. Best of luck with those goals! It looks like you have a busy October!