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Better late that never, right? It's been quiet around here but that's because I've been off being busy with my Tennessee trip.  I just recently got back and I'll try to summarize my thoughts here as succinctly as possible, not usually a goal I have with writing, (haha) but I wanted to get the bloggy brunch post up and properly close out October.

To summarize--everything went perfectly.  I was so worried about how I would feel, and how people would treat me, namely my dad and my sister whom I hadn't seen in years.  The past seven or eight years I've tried to visit my dad and he turned me away, and my two other sisters both went on rampages at me, screaming and throwing things.  I was also worried about doing this completely alone, driving across the state and occupying myself for the five feverish days I planned away from my comfort zone.

The colors were perfect.  The flights were short and easy.  My rental car was a total badass (dubbed 'Big Red' by me.)  It wasn't so much of a vacation as a pilgrimage and I'm not exaggerating, things couldn't have gone better on the trip itself.  I even got to make a bouquet, the first one I've ever made, for my mom and visit her grave, which is one of the main reasons I went.

There were some hangups on the way home, but I won't dwell on those.  I'm still basking in the glory of the trip and how wonderful it felt to stay awake laughing with my sister, to driving those mountain roads I grew up on, to tenderly hugging my dad because he had 12 broken ribs, to meeting up with the wonderful people who have stood by me over the years.  There were plenty of tearful breakdowns along the way, but those are just as therapeutic to me as the happy moments.

I'll maybe post more about it, maybe not, but I now have to turn my full attention to my costume and Halloween party, whoops! I left right in the middle of getting all of that ready.

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