Back to Blogging: Songs that Define My Life (And Why)

Okay, so I had to join this because there were some amazing prompts, thanks Alyssa! 


I used to have such a fit about sharing music but I'm trying to break out of that.  I have been ridiculed for my music for most of my life, and even without that in the way it's just such a personal thing.  However, this prompt was too perfect and easy to not share.  I had to really work on it to make sure these songs were ME and not "me and my relationships" and so on...there are a TON of lyrics out there to describe relationships I've been in, but this was all me, dammit (and though my relationships do teach me, and help me become a better person, I'm still me at the end of it, with or without anyone.)

So, without further ado, here are songs that define my life. Clicking the links will take you to each song. 

Suicide - The Grey OST 
This one comes to mind at the forefront and it's definitely my favorite.  It's also an instrumental so I don't have lyrics to share.  I already have two lines of the poem from the movie on my ribs, placed there specifically at points in my life where I had a choice to live or die.  I try my best not to ever sound like I'm romanticizing suicidal feelings, because there's nothing good about it, but at the same time, this is the mental place where I exist when I stop making myself busy enough to notice.  The song is absolutely beautiful and chilling and honest, just like the movie.

I Am The One - Dragon Age OST
Yikes, two soundtracks back to back.  See why I don't share?  But this version is actually a nice acoustic with female vocals, it's not as 'soundtracky'.  I love this song because it's really empowering, in essence it's someone stating what they've been through, then that they'll take responsibility for the problems in the world and save it.  A lot easier in a fantasy setting with dragons.  But hey! This is the same game my bicep tattoo is from.  It obviously means a lot to me.

I have run through the fields of pain and sighs.  I have fought to see the other side.
I am the one who can recount what we've lost.  I am the one who will live on.

Wearing the Inside Out - Pink Floyd 
Pink Floyd's lyrics are literally some of the best poetry ever written.  I mean that! I don't say it lightly.  But despite the beautiful pictures soooooo many of their songs paint, none quite speak to "me" as much as this one does.  And the bonus is that it (kind of) has a happy ending.  As happy as you get with Pink Floyd, anyway....

From morning to night I stayed out of sight.  Didn't recognize what I'd become
No more than alive I'd barely survive.  In a word, overrun
Won't hear a sound from my mouth, I've spent too long On the inside out
My skin is cold To the human touch This bleeding heart's Not beating much
I murmured a vow of silence and now I don't even hear when I think aloud
Extinguished by light I turn on the night, Wear its darkness with an empty smile
I'm creeping back to life, My nervous system all away
I'm wearing the inside out

My Name is Max - Mad Max OST
Okay, and we're back to the instrumentals, haha.  I guess this song and how it fits 'me' is more about the scene and what happens to Max when he helps Furiosa.  But don't worry, I already wrote all about it.  It's cool on a few levels, because I am an EMT, but it's a bigger philosophy I think, about helping others and helping ourselves.  

Well, that's it for me! 


  1. Thanks so much for joining the challenge! I'm loving reading these posts because every one has been SO different. I don't think there's even been one repeat yet. It's also interesting that you not the difference between songs that define YOU and that define your relationships. The difference is almost too subtle to notice sometimes but it's a great point and interesting to think about. Thanks for linking up!

    1. I love this challenge! Thanks for the awesome idea. I can't wait to sit down after work and gorge on everyone's entries. I love the few I've had time to read so far. Thanks again :D