A to Z of Me // Bloggy Brunch

I saw this super cute post idea over on Jemma's blog and had to try it out.  Thanks Jemma!  (This isn't a confessions post but I'm going to link up with Nadine)

The A-Z of yours truly!

A  -  Alex.  I get so sick of "Why do you go by Alex?" (My name is Patricia Alexandra) UM... BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT MY PARENTS CALLED ME!  It was their decision.  I was always Alex.  There's no rule against calling someone their middle name.  Rant over.

B -  Boring.  I consider myself a pretty boring person.  I like quiet, simple things, and I'm pretty happy with that. I definitely do live an adventurous life, but adventures can be small too!

C - Cat.  I am a cat.  (Both personality wise and according to the zodiac...) but my favorite creature in the world is my cat.

D - Dress up.  I like pinup for several reasons, but one is because day to day I feel pretty 'meh' and pinup takes you from 'meh' to BOOM!  I clean up pretty good once you get the dirt off me.

E - Eowyn.  A close friend compared me to her many years ago and after giving it, and myself, a lot of thought over the years, I'd say I come pretty damned close to being a redheaded version of her.  Capable leader, fierce warrior, kindhearted diplomat and matriarch...yes, I'll lead Rohan now thank you.

F - Friend.  I think that I have the potential to be a very supportive friend and it's one area where I've never had doubts about myself.  In recent years this has strengthened due to my resolve to work on it.  I can't be a good daughter, or a good mother, or a good sister, so I can be a damn good friend.

G - Gryningen.  My favorite Swedish word! (It means dawn) I first heard it in a wonderful little song which states "shadows can disappear, and dandelions turn up their seeds to grow up at dawn"

H - Hair.  True to whatever the Leo stereotype is, I obsess over, take care of, love my hair.  I would never cut it.

I - Insanity.  I think it runs in my family.  No...no, I'm pretty damned sure it does.

J - Jou.  Ik hou van jou. (Voor iemand speciaal) ;)

K - Kitty.  My first cat, my first love.  He is a wonderful companion and friend.

L - Loner.  Always me.  Always has been, always will be.  I am just a lonely person.

M - Mom.  Losing my mom changed me in ways I didn't think I could even be changed.  And it actually made me a better person, and I will always lament that it took something so drastic to put me on a different path and mindset.

N - Norma Bates, as played by Vera Farmiga--AMAZING!!!!! That whole show is my favorite.  It is probably the best thing on TV.

O - Odin.  I've come, in recent weeks, to really take inspiration from this insanely awesome figure.  He killed himself to gain ultimate knowledge, he has two ravens and I mean come on, who doesn't want two ravens?  Stories about Odin either inspire me or crack me up (or both) so you can't go wrong with that kind of role model.

P - Piano.  Not many people know it but I can carry quite a few tunes on the piano.  If only I had one here with me.

Q - Quiche.  Because this meme cracks me up so hard.

R - Resident Evil 4 - AMAZING game, gorgeous atmosphere and visuals, best characters (minus Ashley....) just wow, what an experience for a new gamer!  And still probably the scariest game I've ever played.

S - Spock.  My first idol, the one who taught me about logic and reasoning and how to be calm and intelligent so that you can help any situation!  Also, killer eyebrows.

T - Teaching.  It means SO much to me. And I'm good at it!  I love especially teaching art, and EMS related topics.

U - Underwear.  99.999999999999% of the time I go commando.  TMI, sorry!

V - Vegas.  A city I'd contemplate moving to if I ever needed to get away.  I do love it there.

W - Worley.  I am so proud of my last name (even though it isn't the original last name of my paternal line) and I never intend to give it up, even if Till married me!  I wouldn't even hyphenate.

X - Haha.  Uhhh. I have never watched XXX!!! Even though, speaking of Rammstein.....Till's in it.

Y - Yesterday.  We had a joke with Carl, who pronounced y's like j's in true Swedish spirit, that we sang "Jesterday".  He got so mad one day that he ranted in Swedish all the way to the bus stop or wherever we were rambling to.  Oh man.

Z - Zelda, my first and biggest video game influence.  Ocarina of Time will always be the top most perfect game ever made, and it pains me to say that something beats out RE4!!!

And now, time for the linkup!


  1. Spreek je Nederlands? Or are you like me and know enough to leave cute messages for "iemand speciaal" on your blog? :P

    1. COMPLETELY the latter!!! It's okay, I talk to him in Swedish all the time and he gets flustered. And I guess I know a bit from the Afrikaans that Die Antwoord has taught me. But yeah no.....I am the worst at that ridiculous language.

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    3. WTF Blogger I deleted this comment trying to reply to it AHHHHH!!!! I'm so sorry!

  2. This had to take a lot time. You look good all dolled up. Great list of descriptions.

  3. This is such a fun idea! I bet some of the letters were tough to come up with ideas! I might have to do a similar one in the future. :)