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How to tell you're bad at keeping up on blogging: it's September and you still have to finish a post about your vacation in July.  That's pretty bad.  But it's okay, because I have a few things on the table and so this post is more of an update about those than an actual focused entry.  I only do this when I have too many disorganized thoughts to pick one and write about it, but they're also for reader's benefit, since they're all new features.  I needed to spruce things up around here!

Without further ado:

Vlogging - I have whined internally about not having the best software long enough and I don't care anymore.  Expect to see some vlogs.  With crappy sound and video.

Foster care series - I had one planned and decided this month is the bests time to do it since I would rather not drag down one of my favorite months (October) with depressing foster care writings.  I've got the topics all penned out and I'm nervous because I decided to do two per week, which is a lot even though it doesn't sound like it.  I wanted to push myself though, so we'll see how it goes.

Weird Wednesdays - I don't much like doing a weekly themed post, but the idea to write about something I love that's weird has been on my mind for months.  It can be a song or a book or a band or a food, just something weird (trust me, the well runs deep and full on me and weird.)  So that's also going to start in September and I'll roll with it as long as it's fun.

Bloggy Brunch - I was excited to get involved with this linkup, as I've known Nora for a long time now (can it really be years? what?) and though I've been so busy I can't see straight for the past little while, I'm going to be joining in!  Thanks Pam and Nora!

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