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I try, every year, to put together a playlist at my birthday that I feel reflects who I am in that year.  This year I was really surprised at how many of these don't have lyrics.  I usually enjoy lyrics that pertain to me (conceited, don't care, it's my birthday) but so many that spoke to me are completely instrumental.  I'm going with it and taking it as a sign that I need to talk less and listen more.

A lot of the themes with these songs are life and death--okay mostly death-- though there are a few personal relationships of my 28th year thrown in there ('Dollhouse' and 'Black Sun' for the bad, 'Perfect Day' and 'Tell Me Now' for the good!)  At first I thought the life and death theme was just me and my morbid tendencies, but after I found Helvegen and started thinking about Odin a bit I've begun to believe that I'm yearning for a death of certain things and a rebirth of others.

If you're not familiar with Norse mythology, Odin, on his eternal quest for knowledge and wisdom, sacrificed himself by hanging himself from Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life that holds all the nine kingdoms within its branches (and for good measure he speared himself too.)  The interesting part is that he states in the Hávamál, written in his own words, that he was "given to Odin, myself for myself."  Odin was the Allfather, a powerful immortal, so this is really fascinating to me.  He found himself a suitable sacrifice, and in so doing, gained the unparalleled magic and wisdom of the runes.

I really like not only his tooth there, because he hung from a tree with a spear wound with no food and water and commanded the other gods to leave him, which is pretty badass, but he saw himself as important enough to sacrifice for unheard of wisdom, he didn't mind giving up and going without for the promise of something better.  In the end, he believed gaining new knowledge and bettering his own wisdom and thus self, was the most important endeavor. It's comforting for me to find a parable like this and I plan on giving it a lot of thought over the next while.

I wanted to post so many lyrics but the snippets don't really do the songs any justification.  Instead I'll leave a bit here from Helvegen, arguably the best and most appropriate song for my oncoming 29th year, and it's a song for warriors going to Hel, so that's comforting right?

Alt veit eg Odin
kvar du auge løynde
Årle ell i dagars hellenn 
veit ravnen om eg fell 
Når du ved Helgrindi står
og når du laus deg må riva
skal eg fylgje deg
over Gjallarbrui med min song

I know it all, Odin
Where you hid your eye
Early or the day's end
The raven knows when I fall
When you stand by the Gate of Death
And you have to tear yourself free
I shall follow you
Over the Resounding Bridge with my song

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  1. Love your playlist! Always fun finding new songs. :) So glad you're cohosting with us now!

    P.S. It's Hodge Podge Moments. ;-)