August Monthly Goals

It's August! And do you know what that means? IT MEANS IT'S MY BIRTH MONTH! Now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about July, and August.

All I can say about July is that it was fun and exhausting and I'm glad it's over.  It was the biggest "plans" month of them all, and I was busy mostly with Derik's birthday and our Vegas trip.  Planning, budgeting, etc--and I just realized how insane I must be, because apparently I decided Vegas wasn't enough travel for one month and organized an overnight Wendover trip as well as a day out on Utah Lake.  Might I remind you that I worked during this time, midnight to noon? Yep, crazy.

But it was all good and fun.  It felt nice to do something great on this scale for Derik.  And I even managed to squeeze in a dolled-up Ruth's Diner visit and a short bike ride to the summit at East Canyon.  By the way, that road is terrifying on a bike and no me gusta.  BUT WE DID SEE A FEMALE ELK ON THE ROAD!

So the big news this month is that I turn 29.  I have joked a few times that this is the last time I'm allowed to actually have a birthday, since we all know women don't age after 29.  I guess I should be having some kind of crisis about it, but I've honestly not given it a lot of thought.  Every year I'm just shocked to be alive, really, and grateful for whatever food or gifts or well wishes I receive.  I've told Derik vaya con Dios, do whatever you like.  I might put up a wishlist here, but the truth is when anyone asks what I want, the answer is "flowers and anything Rammstein."  Just your typical girl.


Finish my 500 Squats Challenge.  We'll say I finished a good 60%.  The most I could get was 300 in one night, and then I went to Vegas and my legs almost fell off from walking around and I failed.  But who does squats on vacation?
Flemith's goddamn vaccinesSUCCESS - the appointment is set! Don't judge me.
No seriously, lay off the sugar.  SUCCESS- I've been doing a bit better.  I feel better as well.
Paint one portrait. - FAIL  :( I haven't even had time to sit down at my desk in the last month.
Get back on track financially.FAIL  I won't even take credit for failing.  I'll be posting about what happened in Vegas (it's always something) but basically, not my fault.  I did get the bills paid including my stupid ass tax bill thanks to my former company that didn't pay damn state taxes the whole damn year.  Dammit.  So I am not doing too terrible I guess.


Have a good birthday.  I don't really have any way to control this one other than my attitude, so we'll see how it goes, haha.
Actually paint.  I don't know what's wrong with me--is it summertime? Where's my creativity?
Complete re-certification goals.  My recert is due in September...eeeek.
Blog about Vegas.  It will be broken into several parts but I'd still like to document the trip.
Go to physical therapy.  It's bad.  And my insurance just kicked in.  I want to start healing.


  1. I really need to cut back on the sugar, especially soda but it's SO hard. Good luck with your August goals!

    1. It is definitely hard. This month was okay with sugar but then I ruined it by just eating the SHIT out of pasta/carbs haha dammit!

  2. Hope you have a great 29th! I just turned 30 and it's not too bad so far ;) I hope you get to paint this month!

    1. thank you!! happy 30th!!! (late, sorry!)