Utah Lake

Warning, pic heavy post!

I think all I keep saying anymore on this blog is "haha I'm busy doing things with people, that's so weird!" Well, here we go again--this time it was a celebration of Derik's 30th....THIRTIETH!!!!! birthday, which was Friday.  I secretly planned shooting after a Ruth's dinner with my awesome friend Roy, who is a weapons instructor, swordfighter, and lover of julmust, among other things.  Between Roy and Chase I figured we would have enough guns and ammo for our own group of Minutemen, and they didn't disappoint!  Even better, we kept it secret from Derik until the minute Chase arrived with all his guns and tossed Derik a round.  It felt great to get out in the sunshine and have some lead therapy, but it felt even better to do something for Derik that I knew he would enjoy.  And what feels best is having people in your life that you can call or text and say, hey, let's make this thing happen.  I am in the middle of three overnight 12 hour shifts, so I couldn't do much of anything except beg for help.  And everyone helped!  What kind of magic is this?  Where I can give up control to friends and let them help me do something?

Maybe I'm not as dysfunctional as I think I am.  Or maybe things are changing for me.  Or maybe it's summer and I'm caught in a fantastic dream of what I want my actual life to look like.  The latter is probably reality, especially since I took these photos and they actually look pretty good!  I'm still such a dummy with my camera, I was shocked to see that a massive overhaul of editing wasn't needed.  So yes, caught in a summer dream of life seems to fit.

My favorite! This little red legged grasshopper was not shy about eating the piece of tomato I offered him.  I thought it was adorable!!!

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