July Monthly Goals

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It has come to my attention that if I blink, I miss the beginning of a new month.  I can't complain though, June was a TON of fun and somehow really felt like summer even though it usually never does.  Before I go over goals and what epic failures they were, I want to share some of the highlights of the month!  (PS I'm linking up with Angie  and Autumn for this post.) 

I have been out and about.  Off the top of my head, there was my company Lagoon day, a Dutch Oven fundraiser from the guys at work, visiting Black Rock, a picnic at the old Saltair site, getting rained out of a car show, seeing my very first Bee's game, and driving Chase up to Guardsman's pass for the first time.  For someone who never socializes and spent the last year in a dark hole, it's all I've been doing and though it's strange for me I'm trying to just enjoy it.  

Also, quite a few of these trips were taken on Chase's big beefy Boulevard that doesn't have a name yet.  So how do you not enjoy that? 

One other thing I have to talk about for a minute--surprise--is Flemeth.  He's getting older now and definitely has his own personality.  He's still playful as a kitten, still loves me and is attached to me, but he's also now a wanderer and a curious little guy.  He has fallen in love with Chase and now escorts him to the bathroom as well (lol--I feel betrayed) but the thing I love the most about this little fella is his expressiveness.  I've never seen a cat make such human-like smirks and meows.  I wonder if all kittens raised primarily around humans adapt this way? Or is it just my little guy?  Either way, I am so thankful for him and though I miss him being my tiny little helpless furball baby, I'm also loving his new, independent teenager personality. 

One other thing I accomplished that I'm proud of--I got a floating desk and set it up.  I was so tired of doing my makeup in the living room, and having this little sad wicker stand for my stuff.  This thing turned out ten million times better than I ever thought it could, and I am continuing to surprise myself at how well I can keep a house.  For being raised in a shack, I'd say I'm doing pretty good! 

What a month! Onto the goals: 
  • Do a good job, and learn the in's and out's of my job. SUCCESS!  Everything's going decent!  I handled an incident in a way that my boss really liked, so score :D 
  • Go to a goddamn pilates class. FAIL  I give up. Never gonna happen.  
  • Plan Derik's birthday Vegas trip + book motel.  SUCCESS  I got the thing booked, but don't have to pay til check in--even better!
  • Finish my 4/4 portrait series.  FAIL  Didn't even get started.  Whoops.
  • Flemith's vaccines  FAIL  I really am a terrible cat mom.  SOON BABY I SWEAR
  • Work on CME's for the month and get at least 40 hours.  FAIL  hahahah I have like maybe ten hours.  Dammit. 
  • Lay off the fucking sugar. SUCCESS  I've gotten better....slowly.  Kinda.  It's a WIP.
  • Write more stories.  SUCCESS  I've blogged a few times and written some Silus drabbel so I am going to be optimistic and call this a win.  It's amazing I got anything done at the computer this month. 
  • One Car Show.  SUCCESS    It was rained out, which wasn't my doing, but at least I got ready and went!  
And this month's:
  • Make Derik's birthday a HUGE SUCCESS!  Vegas, baby! I've already started the itinerary...Now to follow through.  I think it'll go great and I'm so thrilled to be able to do this for the person who has always done everything he could to help me see the world. 
  • Finish my 500 Squats Challenge.  Wish me luck.  I freakin' love squats though.  
  • Flemith's goddamn vaccines. Terrible parent. No excuse.
  • No seriously, lay off the sugar.  I have been noticing my stomach issues getting worse, and now instead of an ulcer I'm wondering if the artificial sweeteners are tearing up my guts--I've decided to just go back to veggies and protein and chill out on all forms of sugar and carbs. We'll see if it makes a difference. 
  • Paint one portrait.  Already know of whom, now I just need to force myself to make time. 
  • Get back on track financially. I've been playing mad catch up since waiting on this new job, and by this next paycheck or so I should be right where I need to be.  My goal is to not lose focus of this because I'm tired of spreading money so thin.  


  1. Our kitty Kala definitely has a lot of personality in her meows, with my favourites being the snarky 'mwrah' she'll spit while turning her head.

    1. hahaha! I usually get something like that after I've said "NO TREATS" or I've put the catnip away. That's hilarious.

  2. Cute kitty. Great success on your goals. Enjoyed reading all you have done.

    1. thank you and thanks for stopping by!