Speaking Out // Foster Care (Again)

I totally missed National Foster Care Month, but to be honest, when I realized it was May and that I should do that "speaking up" thing, I got disgusted and purposely shut down in a snobby little protest.  If it were about any other thing in my life, I would have questioned my emotions and tried to reason with myself against them, but I'm at the point where I don't question my own decisions in regard to my past.  I know what's best for me, and sometimes keeping that tanker truck full of worms tightly closed is what's best for me.  

I focused on the present instead, and it worked out great.

But it has still been on my mind.  People tell me to "tell my story."  "Sharing helps."  This is nothing but a personal blog, but I still do want to make a difference. I might revise or even make a second "Truth About Foster Care" book, or see what other options I have for spreading the word, but until then it's going here.  Because I need a place to put it, and who knows? Maybe someone will benefit from it. 

So I'm going to start another series like the last one, where I go over different aspects of foster care and my experiences.  I get a little passionate and heated when I discuss this so if that's not your bag, you've been warned, haha.  Here are the topics I want to discuss: 

--My Advice to Foster Youth
--More Advice for Foster Parents
--The Truth About Adoption
--Exiting Foster Care at 18
--The System is Broken

If you have any questions, now is the time to start emailing them to me! I am happy to answer anything, nothing is too personal.  If you have any input on these topics and would like to have your voice on my blog I'm welcome for that as well.  So email away!  

Also, I promise for June I will post about other stuff so it's not just a wall of misery and angst, but the truth is this subject is so, so important to me and nothing compels me to write more than a topic I can't keep quiet about--that is what writing is for.  I have always struggled to make this place something authentic and not a shill for Clorox wipes or ten pages of clickbait.  It's a hard balance though, because I want this place to reflect the good and the bad.  As usual, I'll struggle to maintain the balance and just keep writing. It's what I do. 

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