June Goals

haha, this picture is so ridiculous, and makes me so happy.  It was actually taken in March or April--we had just gotten new couches a few hours before and moved this trusty old guy outside. I was going out to visit a friend, and thought it was a great place to pose before I left.  Really speaks to my white trash/Southern roots, not to mention making fun of those hipster shoots where the models try to look all ghetto or tough but are wearing expensive and prissy clothes.  Okay now I'm way over-analyzing this picture...point is, it pleases me.

A Look Back At May

Let's see how May went.  I did do a few things which aren't on this list, so I'll tell you about those first.  I got my garden planted!! The peppers have a fungus and probably won't make it, but for a first time everything seems to be going pretty well.  I'm shaky at best when it comes to keeping plants alive, and nothing makes me miss my mother more than remembering how she could get anything to grow, anytime, without google or wikipedia or gardening forums.  I'm open for your tips, garden people!

Flemith continues to grow and so does my love for him! 

I had a barbeque and it went fantastic, especially considering how obsessive I get over details and if the dip is the right taste and who is having fun.  I had forgotten I knew as many people as I did.  So many friends, old and new--one of them is Dale, a coworker I've known since I was a little baby, 19 years old.  Dale is an amazing person, he's kind, and smart, and a great dad, and a hard worker.  I remember thinking of him as a snobby Mormon when we worked together, (because he used to look at me judgmentally and eat bananas when I asked questions haha), but as it went when I was younger, my PTSD was really masking my ability to see him for a genuinely fantastic person.  Now we're both older and wiser, and he brought flowers to my get-together, so when he had a HUGE party at his house later in May, I brought him an orchid.  I'm so thankful to have people like him in my life--people who may not have been there for years and years, or watched each other grow up, but in our own way we have watched each other grow up, and there's an understanding that we will stay close.  Foster alumni really treasure stable friendships in a way that seems to fill a few 'family' holes in the Swiss cheese of our heart.

I apparently was in a socializing mood, because afterward I went to three parties--Dale's house party, and two kid's birthday partie, one for Derik's niece, the other for his girlfriend's son.  Even if I felt 1000000000% uncomfortable, the people didn't notice and seemed to enjoy my company.  I even led a game of Werewolf.  Right after these parties, we had a Mother's Day party for Derik's mom, complete with Navajo tacos.  Mmmm.  Like the others, it went well.  At this point I could probably even put together a wedding.  Why the hell would I want to though, is my question.

So that was May--new job, new faces, new get-togethers, a fresh mindset.  10/10.  Would recommend.  Here's the goals in review: 

  • Go to a damned pilates class. -- FAIL LOL I ...I have no excuse. I'm fat. 
  • Make Jay's graduation gift.  -- SUCCESS!! They were delicious. It was nice to see him at my old job.  Jay was a fantastic supervisor and one of the reasons my sanity lasted as long as it did.
  • Start a new portrait series -- SUCCESS!! I started it and got 1/4 done.  Better than nothing??
  • Have a BBQ. -- SUCCESS!! Such a huge success I'm still recovering from the socializing. Yikes. 
  • Flemith's shots -- FAIL  JUNE FOR SURE.  I'm sorry baby! 
  • Enroll in CME's or (hopefully) start the new job I've been hoping for --SUCCESS!!  I have started my amazing job and they are going to help me with recertifying. 
  • Periscope more -- FAIL Total fail.  I did one on Swedish dillsauce.  
  • Attend one car show or photoshoot -- SUCCESS!!  Post coming soon on my photoshoot ;D 
Wow, actually May went pretty well.  In retrospect yes, it was way better than April.  There was some intense drama involved, maybe I'll write about it because I think those are the juicy stories people enjoy, but it was not so fun while going through it so I shied away.  Anyway, good month overall, and most importantly I have started and LOVE my new job.  Let's see where we want go to for June, which is usually a good month for me.  Summer baby and whatnot.

Happening in June

  • Do a good job, and learn the in's and out's of my job.  I have had fantastic training--this job isn't like most places that just throw you in the icy water and yell swim.  I appreciate them working to give me a good foundation, but like I told my boss the other day.... I have been given the mechanics of how to juggle, but I'm at the point where I have to do the juggling and will probably drop a few balls.  I want to do well so my main focus for this month is giving myself a month to learn it all and get a routine that works for me. 
  • Go to a goddamn pilates class. What can I say, I hate people and being around them while we breathe and move together.  Weirds me out.  I still want to try. 
  • Plan Derik's birthday Vegas trip + book motel.  If I can get the motel taken care of this month it will make next month way easier on the wallet.  I'm so excited!
  • Finish my 4/4 portrait series.  I will unveil the subjects once they're all done!
  • Flemith's vaccines I'm a terrible mother.  Just group me in with the anti-vax crowd.  Just kidding, please don't.  He's an indoor cat, so at least he's protected. 
  • Work on CME's for the month and get at least 40 hours.  
  • Lay off the fucking sugar.  It's just gotten out of control, slowly.  I have been doing better lately, but with summer around the corner, (less appetite=more reason to eat veggies to stay healthy) it's high time I got serious again.  
  • Write more stories.  Things have just been in a spot where I can barely draw, much less write.  I only need a slight mental break to paint, but I need a lot of space and security before I'm comfortable writing stories.  With the new job going well and everything else coming together, I have to get back to my favorite hobby.
  • One Car Show  I was so busy in May that I didn't make it to any car shows :(  June, please make it work! 
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