July 500 Squats Challenge

I don't always talk about weight loss here on the blog.  It's a very personal thing for me and I have learned with my own experiences that hearing others be all peppy and motivated isn't really helpful when you have tried and failed to lose weight.  And for the sake of it, I'll change that to "getting healthy" because weight loss isn't always healthy and there's so much more than a physical number on the scale.

As an update on my own progress--well, essentially I'm at a plateau after losing ~50 pounds.  This is due to my scoliosis and general poor back/neck.  I got really into weight lifting, but since I have such balance issues and poor form I kept injuring myself.  I would go for a few weeks, hurt, stop, start again, repeat.  It's so frustrating to want more for yourself and feel like your own body is working against you and going "haha no fatty, go have a poptart."

Yet, I haven't gained anything back, which is a huge deal.  I think about all of the weight I would have gained if I hadn't changed my eating habits and stopped depending on food and the thought is honestly sometimes overwhelming.  Just me maintaining for a year now is incredible when you consider that in 2013-2014 I was packing on a good 15-20 pounds every four or five months.  Still, plateaus suck, not being recommitted to counting calories sucks, and what sucks the most has been waiting on physical therapy so that I can actually work out the way I want to.  I wanted to do something in the meantime.

Chase and I are going to do a squats challenge for the month of July.  Squats are not only one of the best exercises in the world, they're also easy to do and I'm hoping won't affect my back negatively--they never have, it was mostly the upper body that I had issues with.  This will give me something to accomplish while I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs waiting for insurance and thus physical therapy.  You can always do something, and I'm just lucky enough that Chase is willing to do this with me.  Being a Marine, he's a little uhhhh ....stronger? than me, (haha) but I'm not intimidated to have him as a partner, it's what I want--someone who knows their shit and can handle the tough days.

So I just quickly mocked together the calendar--it's not pretty, it's functional, and that's the point.  Those cute pinterest graphics are only helpful if they're used, and not pinned in your "health" folder.  Chase helped me with coming up with the numbers (guess who suggested rest days? this lazy bitch haha) and to be honest, 100 starting out is not beginner friendly.  But both of us have been down the road of intense glute work so it's a number we can do.  Just looking at 450 though, is already killing my legs, haha.

And I wanted to leave with a bit of motivation.  These changes don't happen because you get "the right" diet or "the right" workout or "the right" calorie counter or app.  They happen because you make the change.  And that is quite frankly wonderful!

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