Adventures in Salt Lake County

I know it's not what people usually hear from outsiders around here, but it's true: Salt Lake City and the surrounding cities have so much rich history.  I will never be able to feel as much "at home" anywhere in the world as I do here, and I swear I know more than the locals! When hanging out with Utah friends I'll go on some rant about this trading post or that mountain or this hanging or what have you and they are all virtually clueless.

With the tons of rain we've been getting (thanks Utah! I'm a big fan) I wanted to go out on a drive before I started my new job and snap some shoots in the Bingham canyon/Magna/west nothingness area.  I had a temporary job working out there and though it's not conventionally beautiful, I love the area.  It has an Americana vibe that you just don't get in the middle of the city, and perhaps moreso why I love it; it reminds me of Tennessee.  I don't even know why, but I suspect it's the curvy, twisting two lane roads which are not common in SLC, and the sleepy small town vibe of the whole area.

After we left that area, I wasn't done wandering so I just pointed to roads and Derik drove on them.  This ended up being hilarious, because we ended up in what I assume to be a meth-cooking Raider from Mad Max campground...it was literally just a pile of nothing and more nothing, just a wall of junk and a bunch of "STAY OUT" signs.  We met a few men on bicycles who were obviously dealing drugs, but they waved and were friendly, so I'm not sure who is the grouch telling everybody to leave the drug den.

It was all good until we reached a road that said "ASBESTOS DUMPING SITE KEEP OUT" and I took that one seriously.  Haha.

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