Summer Rain in Utah

This is kind of a crappy update post, but where to begin? I have a few things to talk about in the upcoming weeks, actual posts with actual topics, but I've just been running around trying to play catch up in May.  If you are on my Facebook you probably already saw the video I posted, but a week ago I started my job! You can watch the video to learn more about that, but suffice to say I'm ecstatic and over the moon, and the past week has been that brain-melting "new job" situation where I try to take in every tiny detail and learn in a manner similar to Tony Stark (it's just how I am.)

May hasn't been a bad month, hasn't been a good month, other than the job--it was mostly just a waiting month.  Waiting on the job, waiting on pay, waiting for therapy, waiting to plant my garden due to the rain, waiting waiting waiting.  I got a lot of nothing done, but that's why I love my camera.  I tend to feel like I do absolutely nothing, until I pull out the photos to edit and realize I've actually gone and spent some time with the earth, which is extremely important for me.

Since Utah has had an unusually rainy spring/early summer (ie a normal spring everywhere that isn't the desert) I wanted to share some of those photos as a welcome-back.  I know a few of these have been posted here already but guess what, my blog, my rules.

So look at the photos from April/May and stay tuned for actual blog entries--I've got a few in the works for National Foster Care Month, which ends tomorrow, haha! Screw it, who cares.  I'm also going to share another art post and maybe a more in-depth post about life.  We'll see.

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