May Goals

Everybody's over here all "I can't believe it's May" and I'm like THANK GOD WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG.

I don't care if I never see another April in my life.
I really, really want May to be a fresh start.

April Recap

What a ridiculous month.  Let's see how I did.  I'm alive, so that's something.

  • Send my dad a birthday cardFAIL.  Oh well.  Father's Day it is.
  • Take my cats to the vet for checkups and shots and fun stuff.  Sort of?  Two of my beloveds ended up getting sick and I had to take Flemith, the kitten, to the vet.  His fever was way too high to get his shots :( he had to take antibiotics and get eye drops, so that was fun to deal with.  Bonus--one of the cats sneezed all over the TV, which made me laugh really hard. But I'm hoping to take care of the vaccines in May.    
  • Try pilatesFAIL. Oh well, again. 
  • Figure out CMEs. PASS? So one of two things will be happening--one, I get a job that will help me with CMEs and recert, or two, I have to pay $100 and go to evening classes at the same place I got my EMT cert originally (SLCC) either option works, but please keep your fingers crossed for the job! 
  • Get my eyelashes back! PASS.  aaaaaaaaand I had another reaction.  :( This isn't fun.  
  • Sing Sacred Harp FAIL Had the meetup planned, slept through it.  Thanks, graves. 
  • Move rooms. PASS After thinking about it I realized I could never feel at home in the bigger room so I just rearranged and painted my bedroom and I'm in love with it.  I'm calling this a pass because I did update and change my room!
  • MORE ART!!! Sort of? I made a few things, most of which I hate.  But that's how it goes.
May Goals

  • Go to a damned pilates class.
  • Make Jay's graduation gift.
  • Start a new portrait series (I have the idea for this but will unveil it later)
  • Have a BBQ.  I have one scheduled for May 15.  We'll see if I can stand the socializing.
  • Flemith's shots
  • Either enroll in CME's at SLCC, or (hopefully) start the new job I've been hoping for 
  • Periscope more! I love this app.  WAY better than Snapchat.  Follow me!  
  • Attend one car show or photoshoot - I really need more pin up lyfe!!! 
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