How We Wore It: Summer Skirt

I know, a fashion post, are you lost?  I have always wanted to join this pretty cool feature on Deidre Emme's blog (I first saw it on Life of Bon, thanks Bonnie!) and was stoked when I got the email.  Disclaimer, I am not an experienced fashion blogger or photographer (I literally bought a tripod three weeks ago) and so excuse the amateur photos.   Stick with me and I will figure this out! (Working graves =/= good lighting, just FYI.)


Here's the original outfit:

And mine:


Look at that cat though.  My true love. <3

This outfit had two things I don't have in ANY part of my wardrobe: cobalt and denim.  The cobalt part is just because I don't think a pale redhead is exactly shining in a cool blue hue, but I don't believe in denim.  Outfits like the original one make me feel like I'm making a fashion mistake, and this dress may actually look fantastic with a denim shirt, but alas, it wasn't something I had in my closet.

I supplemented by lots of grey. I love grey.  I could live in grey forever.

I accessorized with some blue jewelry (earrings, necklace) since the original outfit called for it, and really liked the combination.  The best part is that the outfit went great with my Till Lindemann bracelet that Henri got me for my birthday--my absolute FAVORITE piece of jewelry.  It really fits with the pink skirt and I am happy I get to wear Till's eyeballs and still look girly.

Also, the original post had a cute white purse, well, I don't own any purses (worst fashion blogger ever) so I just put one of my paintings of Till in the post ;) I am so predictable.

Dress: thrifted
Sweater: New Yorker (Stockholm)
Shoes: Madden Girl (discontinued in white)
Jewelry: H&M (Stockholm)
Till Lindemann eyes bracelet: This artist

Go check out everyone else's awesome outfits!  And thanks again Deidre for hosting!!

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