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Firstly -- Add me on Twitter and follow me on Periscope! I despise snapchat but I'd REALLY love to start getting involved in Periscope and so far only a scant few bloggers I follow use it.  :(  Do you want to hear my long-winded southern-accented vulgar rants? Yes? Then follow me there!  (I still suck at Twitter, not going to lie.  But I'll accept it, if it means using Periscope.) 

I'm a very low-maintenance person.  This is evident if you've ever seen me at the store in my yoga pants, or if you read my low-maintenance makeup post, or if you hang out with me any given day.  I'm never sure how often to talk about beauty here, but no time like the present, and I actually have a pretty good excuse right now.

See, I'm a beginner when it comes to styling my hair, and while I think my hair is pretty, it's also pretty boring (haha).  It's either straight and down, or wavy and down, with my bangs rolled to the side.  Repping this since 2014.  I have always been self-conscious of how exposing updos are...I feel naked with my hair up!  I worry about how they make my face look, as well as my big ears, and tiny head.  I know I'm probably the only one who notices these things, but I'm just being honest! However, I have been inwardly nagging myself to try out some hairstyles for a few reasons other than getting out of my comfort zone.  And they are not high maintenance reasons, as usual..they're more practical.

1.  I got the job!  This means working in a clinic, at a plant, and with a respirator.  Gonna have to do something with all my hair.

2.  Tangles.  It's just that phase.  It's a combination of sleeping with my hair down, the length it's getting to, and me not taking care of it enough lately (graves are killing me.)  So I need to get it up or risk damaging it more.

3.  Summer.  Utah is a desert.  I can always put it up in a bun, but I'd prefer some versatility for the months of heat ahead. 

So I know it's short notice, but if anyone wants to join in I'd love to see!  I'll be starting on Monday and trying some (very low-skill level) hairstyle, taking photos, and talking about them on periscope!  I would love to see suggestions or have others try along with me.  That's all until next time :D

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