April Goals

I have always wanted to participate in Angie's Monthly Goals, but I always find myself noticing it's a new month about three weeks into the month.  Oh time, that human-created fickle constraint....

But I am so ready for April, because March and everything prior has been so hard.  Let's forget for a moment that I was on the downswing of the most intense mental battle I've had in my life, but I had also just made the decision to change jobs, to stay in America for awhile, and was going through a pay gap while I waited for my new job to start.  Plus I was learning the new job, which is always stressful, and even moreso while waiting on a paycheck stutter.  Then my best friend ended up in the hospital, my kitten exploded into destructive puberty, and it was my mom's birthday month.  Oh, and did I mention we got two more substantial snows?  I get it, it's good for the watershed, that's fantastic Utah, but MAYBE JUST RAIN IN SPRING.  Get your shit out of here March.  I wash my hands of you.

Onto April it is.

 April Goals 

  • Send my dad a birthday card.  (I would've liked to send money too, but reference above paygap.)
  • Take my cats to the vet for checkups and shots and fun stuff.
  • Try pilates.  Potentially hate it.  But try it anyway.
  • Figure out CMEs.  (I'm in the process of trying but it's been mostly failing so far.)
  • Get my eyelashes back!  (I had to take my extensions off in January...I miss them SO MUCH)
  • Sing Sacred Harp (I have a meetup scheduled for this. It should be fun.  I'm nervous though.)
  • Move rooms.  (I have the smaller bedroom and have decided to move to the bigger room....)
  • MORE ART!!! I have found my muse again and really need to create more.
Well that list wasn't so painful.  We'll see how I do. 

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