Utah State Capitol and Memory Grove

This weekend I ventured out and met with one of my oldest friends, Jorge, (who knows how to actually work a camera) and took some photos at the Utah State Capitol and the park next to it.  The capitol building here is absolutely gorgeous, and built by Richard Kletting (the architect who made the famous Saltair pavillion I'm obsessed with.)  The capitol has seen a lot of activity recently; Bernie Sanders came out and talked about presidential stuff I guess, and a whopping 14,000 people showed up on the grounds to listen to him talk about presidential stuff.

Anyway, for our outing, it was just too chilly to be warm, and the city still looks pretty wintery (actually it's snowing right this minute, thanks Utah and your indecisiveness..)  You'll see in the photos that the trees are still pretty sparse and the city looks a little dreary...but it actually felt like spring out there, having the sun shining on us.  And not only is the building impossible to take a bad photograph of, but I adore the open lighting (the inside looked a lot warmer than what it was outside.)  Memory Grove is a really popular park but something about it has always seemed eerie to me...even in broad sunny daylight it has a dark feeling and I always feel like I'm being watched.  But it's probably because the danged thing is at the bottom of a huge ravine and all of the monuments are war memorials (which is great, but solemn.)

Thanks Jorge for adventuring with me!

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