Favorite Scandinavian Music

I'm not one of those people who specifically searches out bands or artists based on their geographical location.  But it's really funny to me how many times I've heard a singer or group and thought "holy crap I LOVE this" and lo and behold--they end up being Scandinavian.  They don't all sound like ABBA.  Anyway, it's been even more common for me to find Scandinavian music since living there.  The weird part is that I found absolutely zero of these bands while I was actually in Sweden. 

It may have been because I was busy enjoying culture, as witnessed in this gorgeous midsommar photo.  Anyway, I have no idea what this says about me or my tastes, but I thought I'd list them.  In the chance that anyone is interested for a listen, I've included a sample song from each! I hope somebody finds someone new and weird and Vikingish to listen to. I'm actually going to throw in a few traditional Swedish folk bands at the end for those HARDCORE HEATHENS. 

The Knife: An older, classic Swedish duo of brother and sister.  Sample: Marble House

Fever Ray:  Karin from the Knife's very own solo project.  (Heard on the Vikings intro show)   Sample:  If I Had A Heart

Röyksopp - Norwegian group with some awesome electronic jams.  Sample: Something In My Heart

Robyn - I am not even gonna lie, I mostly like Robyn because I have a huge crush on her.  She's like a sexy female version of David Bowie. But her songs are great, and she's very popular.  Sample: Monument (Feat. Röyksopp)

 Folk/Dream Pop/Ethereal
Susanne Sundfør: indie/dream pop/baroque pop  Norwegian singer/songwriter.  I like to call this my "weird as shit white girl" music.  Absolutely stunning lyrics and vocals.  Sample: White Foxes

First Aid Kit: Folk/country  Another Swedish sibling duo, this time of two sisters.  Amazing group.  Sample:  The Lion's Roar
Sigur Rós post-rock  The only Icelandic group to make the list, and what a cliche group! But since there's about 10 people in Iceland, it's fair that they only have one band.  Very dreamy music, great to sleep to.  Sample:  Dauðalogn

Real Viking Music
Garmarna: traditional Scandinavian folk  The very first Swedish music I listened to!  Lyrics are all in old/medieval Swedish.   Sample: Straffad Moder och Dotter

Gjallarhorn: traditional Scandinavian folk A Finnish group with the same folk principles--lots of hurdy gurdy, hardangar fiddle, and ballads about trolls, but the female singer has a much different, softer voice.  Sample: I Riden Så

One final note I want to make -- Scandinavia is known for its vast array of amazing metal, but I am not an expert or even a beginner on that genre so I didn't even touch it.  Find a tall fellow with long luxurious hair and a black t shirt and I bet that guy will be able to point you to some fantastic Scandinavian metal.

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