5 Fandom Friday - Geeky Tattoos

I'm a day late--sue me.

I don't usually join these linkups but I thought it was a great topic, since I am interested in tattoos and very interested in geeky tattoos.  Plus it's a fun and quick post and might help people get to know me better and those are always great.  As of right now I have four tattoos total, and three of those four are from video games!! Whut. (The other is from a movie....)

So here we go:

My very first tattoo.  I was nineteen.  Nineteen, when I got this baby.  If you're here from the nerd link up, then you already know what this is.  Hell, if you're under forty you better know what this is.  It's the Triforce as it appears on the Hylian shield (which Link carries on his back, which is why I picked this location.)  I'm actually probably going to get some lines darkened, cleaned up, and some more color put into it (turquoise with the blue.)  Why I chose it - duh, I love Zelda, but more importantly I thought it was a unique and wonderful mythology that the "perfect leader" had the combinations of Power, Wisdom, and Courage (what the triangles represent.)  It's just perfect for a symbology nerd.

You can actually see all my tattoos in this photo!  The Triforce, the Los Illuminados symbol (on my neck) the Inquisition symbol (on my bicep) and the tiny black dot on my left side above the rib/top cutoff is the text I have written.  But I wanted to focus on the Los Illuminados neck tattoo--I had this idea when I was twenty or so. Why I got it -  Resident Evil 4 is not only one of the best games in the entire world, but it reminds me of home.  There's a longer-winded explanation about how the tattoo relates to my atheism, but that's a way too nerdy tale for right now.  I'm already overdoing it with the nerd tattoos.

I am ashamed I could find no photos to do my beautiful Dragon Age: Inquistion tattoo more justice. These angles are super hard to get!  Anyway, I absolutely adore Dragon Age (my kitten is named Flemith!) Why I got it - the Inquisition in particular appealed to me -- a movement based on skepticism of authority, of observing tradition with the utmost scrutiny and most of all, based on saving the world!! -- I can get behind that.  In the original story the "eye" of the Inquistion is Andraste's, a spiritual/religious figure, but my tattoo artist had the fantastic idea to make it a dragon eye instead.  The cool part about that is in the first game, DA: Origins, there is a cult who worships a being named Andraste and the "being" turns out to be a dragon which you can kill.  So again, a bit of an atheistic tie there....the spiritual eye is actually an animal eye, because ain't nobody got time for no gods.

Since I'm two short, I'll keep it simple---my next nerdy tattoos will both be from Fallout: New Vegas, aka the absolute best game in the entire world ever made period ever.  I want the platinum chip, and I'm not exactly sure about the second one, but I've thought about getting Joshua Graham's 1911 tattooed on my thigh.  He's a Mormon murderer-turned-repentant from Utah, and he's one of the strongest characters in the game, and he carries a Utah made gun...what's not to love?


  1. I love your tattoos! The colors on the last one look fantastic from what I can see!

    1. hey thank you!!! I should really post a better angle soon because the colors really are great. Also i just found your blog and LOVE IT!!!