Black Rock Utah, 2016

I've posted photos of Black Rock before on this blog, but now I have a fancy new camera that I am absolutely clueless about how to use.  Professional I am not, but the important thing was that I had fun.  It was definitely the breath of fresh air I needed.  Although I will say, climbing Black Rock itself is much harder with a gigantic hunk of expensive equipment around your neck.  Worth it.


(This is Saltair, just a short bit away from Black Rock itself)

The history of the place is absolutely fascinating to me.  It used to be a resort along with the dozens of abandoned others along the shore of the unforgiving Great Salt Lake.  I hate that now it's a quiet, ghostly abandoned shell of a meeting place, but at the same time I love the big middle finger the GSL gives to society.  It basically says, no, you can't come here and have fun.  Go away.  And I can really admire that.

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