Nine Year Anniversary

Conference weekend, (aka "Mormon superbowl weekend") has come and gone again, which means I have now been (mostly) in Utah for nine years.  It hasn't been extremely constant, I've come and gone, sometimes to very far places, but I always come back here.  It is my home, and I feel so proud and privileged when I get to say that word.  I don't have family here, I don't have the childhood experiences a lot of my friends have, but as an adult I still have this wonderful place to feel safe.

And when I feel safe, I get to go do things that are completely out of my comfort zone.  This weekend, that consisted of doing the thing I've wanted to do for years and actually put one pinky toe into the pinup world, and go to a car show.  I think everyone who knows me knows my affinity for the Atomic Age (let's not lie, that's Fallout's fault pretty exclusively) but I never had any idea where to go or how to get started.  Back in April one of my sergeants made a comment to me when I wore my hair in a bun with a flower, "You should do pin-up modeling.  You have the face and body for it."  I was shocked and thought it was a sweet and extremely inaccurate comment, until I talked to a few other coworkers and they all vehemently agreed.  So, with that kind of support, what else is there to do?

Then I somehow miraculously found Lacey Chiffon, who lives in my area, and she was right in the middle of making a brand-spanking-new pinup girls group, the Beehive Betties.  A few emails later and I was scheduled to go to my first event!  It was a blast, the girls were absolutely sweet and gorgeous, it was all-around wonderful.  Despite my horrific social skills and uncertainty in front of a camera and strangers (and strangers with cameras) I think everything went great and I learned a ton, plus I got to see all of the pinup culture I've been quietly involved with on my own for years.  My only question was, why didn't I do this sooner?

Before I show off photos, I have to again thank my amazing support system.  I wanted to take pictures of the two bouquets I received since I've been in a big lonely slump at work.  I know people say that flowers are redundant, but to me they are everything--they make a world of difference.  One was delivered to my work and I insisted on carrying it around like it was a baby.  Some girls really like flowers, okay? What do you want from me.  Anyway, look at these flowers.  Tell me they wouldn't brighten your life.

Derik: "This lighting makes you look like you're in a soap opera."
Me:  "...the lens is dirty."
Derik:  "...oh."

Then my cat had to wander into the picture to remind me that he makes me happiest.  But he knows I know this, he's just pompous.

I love you guys, you know who you are.  <3  And now, onto the show!!


This is not a sultry face.  This is my "why is my burger not out here yet?" face.  

Ghost Rider!!! My dad would be so proud of me right now.

This was when I broke character for a super authentic smile.  Makes me happy.


  1. Too cute. I want so bad to go to a car show dressed in pinup!

    1. Thank you! It was a ton of fun...there's probably something similar in your area :D

  2. That's awesome, and you look great! (Plus you look like you're having a great time, which also helps.) Also, flowers really are the best and there's probably scientific evidence somewhere that they are an instant mood lifter.

    1. aw thank you!!!! I was super excited and it probably shows in the pics c:
      and YES I'm so glad you agree!!! I hear a lot of tough "I don't need that mushy stuff" ....yeah well I DO need it.

  3. Crazy gorgeous! :) And that skirt with crinoline(?) ... swoon. I could never pull off that silhouette, but you are rockin' it. Looks like you had fun.
    I, too, am an absolute sucker for flowers. In my first career, I interviewed at two places. One sent flowers post-interview, the other did not. I ended up taking the job offer from the folks who sent flowers, of course!

    1. Thank you!!!! Yesss it was a big pouffy crinoline under the skirt...the skirt looks adorable with or without it but I think if it were more socially acceptable I would wear petticoats every day. heh heh.

      and WHAT that is so freaking cool!! I've neeever been offered flowers before or after an interview. That is a brilliant tactic and it obviously works.