Somewhere in the desert.

(Thank you to everyone who expressed concern at my last post.  Things have not been easy but I do have a great support system in my life.) 

From how long it's taken me to sift through vacation photos you'd think I was gone a month.  I wish I was gone a month.

We were staying in Moab, one of Utah's brightest shining gems, and we passed an abandoned gas station and cafe somewhere in the desert.  I demanded that we stop the car so I could take photos.  It was a hot July morning, with no one around and just these few remnants of the uranium boom remaining.

I absolutely adore the atomic age, this is no surprise, but I rarely get to step into frame with the buildings that have degraded so badly over time with no intervention.  It's beautiful.


  1. I love mid-century architecture. So sad that it's all decayed and falling apart.

    1. agreed. I am very fascinated with the decay process, (not just because it reminds me of Fallout, haha) but at the same time all I want to do is either press a button and go back to when it was new, or restore it myself and open up a damn cafe. Both of those would probably not go as I had hoped HAHA