Brit Floyd, Salt Lake City

I saw Brit Floyd, a really cool Pink Floyd tribute band, last year when they were in Salt Lake City.  It was an amazing and powerful show for me, because I associate the band so strongly with my mother.  I'm not sure if I've ever told this story, but about a week after she died I was chatting with a friend about Syd Barrett (she knew nothing of Pink Floyd and was curious about the lyrics) so at some point during my long-winded tangent of the band's history she interrupted with, "You're so smart...I have no idea how you know all this stuff."

And my response, "I know because my mother taught me," really kind of broke me down.  It was the catalyst that made me understand the extent of my personality and interests that she played a hand in, and it's something I had never thought about until she was gone, until it was too late.  So I began about a month-long grief episode of listening to every track I could find, and remembering her.  It was therapeutic and also probably really pathetic for a bystander, but grief is never fun.  Pink Floyd even plays a big part in the memorial painting I made for her.  So you can imagine what this concert means to me.

Those intense feelings aisde, this concert was just as great the second time around.  The band is spot-on and magnificent in their recreations.  Plus, hey, fog and lasers!  There's a real lack of photos--I was too busy actually enjoying the show to really dedicate time to snapping pictures, plus I didn't feel like learning how to work my new Galaxy camera.  But that's fine, because the experience was spectacular and not one I take lightly.  I took my two friends who weren't familiar with Floyd's music and they had a blast as well.

Wearing The Inside Out

I murmured a vow of silence and now
I don't even hear when I think aloud
Extinguished by light I turn on the night
Wear its darkness with an empty smile

I'm holding out
For the day
When all the clouds
Have blown away
I'm with you now
Can speak your name
Now we can hear
Ourselves again

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