Jobs I Was Born to Do.

I kind of stole this idea from Becca. Her entry made me die laughing and ponder..what was I born to do?

You probably remember that I was Batman, and Sweden didn't care.

There's only another super hero job I can see myself doing, and I already have the red hair and the desire to be around steely man butts all day long.

But as we all know from my last entry, I'm more of a villain. And there's no classier villain than a southern-accented villain.

Then again speaking of steely man butt and having red hair, I could totally be the Fifth Element.

Another villainous job I could totally do? I'd definitely be Mrs. Putin.  I'd use my tender womanly charm to coax him into being slightly less awful, but I do like awful KGB criminal Putin.  The man is an enigmatic weirdo.  Mostly I'd just use the position to have him teach me martial arts, to help him save polar bears, and to become a trained assassin.

Also he could show me how to ride bears.

If real life wasn't so boring, my job would be a little more obvious. 

But my number one absolute dream job?  What else? Till Lindemann's lurking shadow. 


  1. I loved this post! I think you should go for that dream job!

    1. You're confident I could make a good shadow of Till? :D :D

  2. LMAO! You, and this post, rock.