An Awesome Reunion.

((First of all--exciting news! I "fixed" my blogging crisis by starting a small, informal health blog.  If you're into that sort of thing go ahead and follow!  I'm really excited about it and not sure why I didn't think of it sooner.))

One of the reasons my blogging is slacking off is because a few weeks ago (has it already been a few weeks? What's a week? Who knows) I had two awesome friends come visit me!!! They are from my home "town" area, and I went to school with both of them.  Sadly only a few years, since I got put in foster care and moved away from home.  The fantastic thing is that despite having an almost ten-year gap in steady contact and only knowing each other in our teens, we are excellent friends and talking, hanging out, dicking around, etc come completely natural to us!  We have the same senses of humor, which is so refreshing for someone like me who feels completely out of whack with boring, sensitive society.

Heather and Chris are one of the coolest couples I know, not only because they've actually stayed together for years (a feat in itself!) and love animals maybe as much as me, but because they really get me.  (We've all had our lives threatened by my dad, for example.)  They know exactly how awful that place we come from is, and they appreciate that the fact that any of us turned out as passable for normal is a miracle from Thor.  We had a ton of laughs over the people and places we grew up with.

I took them to Antelope Island, Temple Square, the Convention Center, Highland High's big H rock, Emigration Canyon, Hogle Zoo, aaaaaaand DUNDUNDUN.... In n Out Burger! (the best place on earth.)  I also had dinner with them at the Blue Lemon.  I wanted to cram so much more in but there was just no time!!! I felt a little empty inside when they left just a week later.  FRIENDS Y U LEAVE ME ALWAYS?

Another thing that made me feel good, besides just being around good people I could relax with, was that they really enjoyed Salt Lake!  I'm always dying to show off this city to friends and loved ones and it's a rare thing that anyone takes me up on the offer.  Utah has so much to give, it's where most of my heart lies.  (The rest is on a cold, icy rock called Sweden with an adorable brunette man) Having fun while touristing this magnificent place is probably the best pasttime I could think of.



  1. Aw, looks like a fun time!

    Following you're new blog-so cute. Also I just saw my cute little button-when you get a chance I need to get you a code to get yours back on mine. :D

    1. thank you!!! i'm kind of in love with the look of the blog, though the content is probably going to be a lot of bitching and talking about my awful body :D LOL

      I can't wait for the code!!

  2. All I got out of this post was 'In-N-Out Burger'. ;)