I Bet You Didn't Know I'm A Photoshop Wizard.

That's right.  I share some really great photos on my Facebook all the time, but I realize I never get around to sharing them here.  I figured since I'm at a lack of good content these days, I'll enlighten you on my one-of-many-talents that I misuse by photoshopping myself with Till Lindemann or Mr. Spock.

Here's my most recent.  I'm predicting that Leo will win an Oscar and so for the first time I will be watching the Oscars this year.  (I normally don't give two shits...but I adore Leo as you can see by our hilarious SNL skit here...)

This was my dad and my nephew at Christmas.  I love the tattooed arms the most.

My personal favorites.

Nothing to see here, just intergalactic love. 

Bonus nerd points if you know who I'm pretending to be in this edit. 
Also lol 90's choker.

You might remember this picture from when I was Batman.

And lastly, photos from my alter-ego.  She's a self-proclaimed witch/vampire/poet who is several centuries old and her lover is Tim Curry's Darkness from the 1980's movie Legend. 

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