Henri Does My Makeup.

This has been a long time coming!! Things have been so hard, with dealing with my mom, traveling to and fro the Arctic, and Henri having the flu.  Seriously I've been worried he's going to die on me too.  He is still sick, but feeling better, and a few days ago he felt well enough to do my makeup for me.

Bonus!  If you watch long enough you get to hear him speak Swedish ;)


  1. this is hilarious!! you guys are adorable together

  2. Oh my god! That was hilarious! I loved how he smelled everything, and when he just stared at the powder for like 30 seconds, and when he tried to blow the powder off your forehead, and when you looked in the mirror after your eyebrows. Also, when he does your lipstick. This is gold.

  3. Ahhhhh, you guys are so fucking cute together! I loved it when he blew the powder off your forehead and covered your eyes haha he's such a cutie! And now I'd like my husband to speak a foreign language...