A Year Without Video Games.

Did you guys know I decided to go a year without video games?  Actually, did you guys know I even like video games?  I am sure my nerdiness has come across this blog a time or two but I realize I keep it a pretty nerd-free zone.  That needs to change.  For god's sake all I ever did in America was game game game.  My tattoos are video-game based and I'm due for a few more.  So let's talk about the fact that I, someone who gamed her life away in 2011-2012 didn't touch a console game all year.  Until last weekend.

It wasn't like some big life-changing decision.  My thought process went, "Eh, I guess I could not do video games.  I mean, I'll be living in someone else's house.  Where I'm supposed to work and stuff.  Also there's small children and maybe stabbing zombies isn't the best thing I can do around 'em."   Then I had this afterthought that maybe just maybe a whole new world would open up to me and I would see this thing called 'life' that people seem to think gamers miss out on.  I would smell the roses more clearly and have a million adventures out there while being unplugged.  

I adore video games, and find them an extremely worthy hobby.  One of my absolute pet peeves is people (aka girlfriends) who complain that games are for kids and adults shouldn't partake and that they waste creative time.  When I was gaming, I used to pump out artwork at a mad hatter's pace.  I wrote over 300 chapters and short stories and got up to 13 chapters on my original novel that I'm still working on.  I was ready to open a jewelry shop and had a ton of ideas for items to sell.  Everything halted when the video games halted.  Video games are my main creative outlet.  Not books, not art gallery strolls.  Video games.  And they're wonderful and sublime and meaningful and have fantastic soundtracks and beautiful storytelling and imagery.  This year has been the most boring, uncreative year of my life and I know the lack of gaming has a lot to do with that. 

Case in point, here are some of my works that are totally based from video games:

 So the point of the story: I haven't picked up a video game since god knows when.  Until genius Henri alerted me last weekend that he has my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE GAME OF ALL TIME on his PS3.  And I could have been playing the motherfucker this whole entire year.  I literally did the smack on the forehead and then run down the face.  What the hell.  I don't even.  I picked up the controller.  I made a new character.  I was on my way to New Vegas yet again. 

It must have been how Jimmy Page felt when he dropped acid the first time while holding a guitar, or how Picasso felt the first time he also dropped acid while playing guitar.  I felt like myself, in a familiar place, with familiar stories and old friends and that satisfying ability to shoot people in the face and watch their heads explode.  How on EARTH does anyone else survive without playing games?  

So in 2014 there will not only be me talking about video games, sharing some of my favorite moments and quests and characters and soundtracks and other nerdy things, but there will also be me opening a shop based on video games! I'll go into more detail well....when I start putting shit together.  I still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and getting back to America to cry on my cat for eleven hours to think about before I can organize all that.  

Any of my readers game? Please tell me yes.  Please tell me it's okay for me to spam you with nerdiness.  BECAUSE I'M GONNA 


  1. I LOVE video games. I'm more of a mario player but my husband and I love Halo. We're working our way through co-op on Legendary. We just finished 3 and when he gets back from California we're going to start 4. I'm afraid to get into more games for fear that I'll love them and spend way too much money on them though. Video gams are not spam, they're amazing!

  2. Love this post. I'm not notoriously game-y (though I do love me some Diablo 2 on occasion), but I really do love video games. The Husband is a gamer from way back and I've always really enjoyed watching him play. I don't get that "gaming is a waste of time" notion. It's a load of shit.

    Also? Amazing paintings! Wow. :) Mad skills lady, you has them.