Wreta and Stjärnorp Ruins Part 2.

Check out part one here.  

I went this weekend with my Swedish au pair family and Henri to tourist around the rural areas near our home.  We got an overdose of magnificent autumn color, complete with a rainy day backdrop and cuddly scarves.  Though I adored Vreta and its beauty, the ravine down by the castle ruins is so more my style.  No thoughtful Christian monastery walls; a crazy wilderness with a twisting stream and threats of wild boar.

We were rained out for a few minutes, but everyone stood together under a large tree until the rain stopped and then we continued on our way, eating Lördagsgodis (a 2 kilo freaking bag) until we got sick.  I love going down into the ravine and feeling so far away from civilization, and then reaching the top of the cliffs and seeing a ruined burned castle across the field.

I know, I'm morbid.  Anyway, here are the photos from Stjärnorp!!

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  1. Ahhh these are SO beautiful! I feel like faeries should live there or something.