My Scary Movie List.

Today's October prompt is your personal list of scary/paranormal/horror movies.  I put paranormal specifically because as a rule I don't like slasher movies.  I am not impressed with gore and find ghosts to be infinitely more fascinating.  However, even paranormal movies are letdowns and I always have ideas that would have made the movies better.  I know, how immodest of me.  What can I say, I know how to tell a good ghost story!

Anyway this is my list and I know I have slightly out-of-the-norm tastes but that's kind of regular for me so I'm not sweating it.  Also, I suck and abandoned my first round of Freaky Friday Stories, but that's okay because I made up for it with a beautiful blog entry yesterday and plus Madi wrote a super creepy story that happened to her roommate.  Go read it and enjoy!

My Top Scary Films

the village
forget me not
the grudge
the grudge 2
silent hill
silent hill 2
the awakening
the messengers
paranormal activity 1,2,3
donnie darko
darkness falls
dead silence
rose red
evil dead

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  1. I've seen almost all of those movies. I love supernatural horror. It's my favourite movie genre.

    //Angelica - www.whirlwind.nu