Slaka Kyrka // Viking Ghost

I should have written this like a week ago when it happened, but I've been so busy lately and haven't had the time to hardly blog at all.  I am pretty uninspired for the rest of Blogtember's prompts; they're kind of not my thing and so I won't be doing them.  But I WILL be making my own challenge for October, more on that later.

Slaka Kyrka (Slaka Church) is a beautiful old landmark a short bike ride away from where I live in Sweden.  I had only driven past it once but knew it because...well, it stands out.  It's a pink church! Adorable.  I believe there's evidence of the oldest church being there from about the year 1000....which of course as Americans know is older than time itself and cannot possibly be real.   Anyway, since my boss took his car to work with my running shoes in it >:I  I figured, why not take a short bike ride? Off to Slaka I went around 7pm last Monday.

It was dark; the sun was just setting and threw around some light purples and dark blues while I walked around the old building taking pics.  The church is really gorgeous, and the area is nothing but rolling hills and that old Swedish farming land feeling you get.  Very peaceful and serene and lonely. LITTLE DID I KNOW I WASN'T ALONE.  DUN DUN DUNNNNN.  

As I inspected the grounds I ran across two runestones!! These were seated near each other and both dated from 1000.  A pair of brothers erected them for their father.  I was tired from riding my bike mostly uphill the entire way, so I sat down with my back to the small stone and had my legs in the "mermaid" position (knees together, both legs dropped to one side so my left hip was facing upward) and sat there for a few minutes when SOMETHING SQUEEZED MY BUTT.

I jumped up and looked around; nothing.  I assume one of two things: highly unlikely, that I had a weird muscle pull or jerk or something from the workout and laying in that strange position, or two...the HIGHLY LIKELY situation that the ghost of the Viking who'd carved the runestone grabbed my butt.  So there you have it.  I leave you to draw whatever conclusion you'd like.  The rest of the trip was uneventful, but peaceful and charming.  I just love churches and cemeteries.  Creepy witch bonus? On my way back I saw an adorable wonderful little kitty who I stopped and petted and even got a few photos of.  There you have it folks.  Life in Sweden is never boring. 


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