I've Heard Some Good Advice.

Maybe the people telling me the advice weren't always the best, or even talking to me (in the sense that ahem Rammstein doesn't play -to me exactly- but I can pretend) but over the years a lot has stuck in my mind.  Since I can't remember everything that everyone taught me I will paraphrase some of the good ones.

From Dad.  Never trust anyone.  Never give anyone money.  Don't go through life creating problems for other people. Learn how to fight, and fight well.  Know your place above thieves, murderers, assholes of the world.  Don't be an idiot. 

From Madi.   Being alone is enriching and a learning experience we can't avoid.  Fuck most people and their stupid standards which are based on nothing important anyway.  None of the answers are probably even answers or real.  Most things are regular old things.  Don't stop being Silas.  Having children is overrated.  Everything's separate, everything's the same. Falling and poop are hilarious and should be laughed at.

From Led Zeppelin.  "So anytime somebody needs you, don't let them down, although it grieves you.  Some day you'll need someone like they do, looking for what you knew. "

From Tobias.  Emotions can be destructive, and when dealing with problems it can be necessary  to distance yourself from how you feel to arrive at a better solution.  Even the most seemingly put-together and confident people may have it hard on the inside and compassion is important.  Tall people are usually clumsy. The more expensive chocolate is always worth it. 

From Alfred Pennyworth.  "Maybe it's time we all start trying to outsmart the truth, and let it have its day." 

From Nairi.  Confidence will come with age, but it's better to have the confidence when you're young so that you can do so much more with it.  It's okay to appreciate animals more than people, and there's no such thing as too much cream cheese frosting on a carrot cake.   

From Derik.  A simple life can be an enriching life and cats, video games, and pecan pie can make a whole weekend fantastic.  Friends are forever and can be bonded closer than family ever tried.  Being a Worley isn't the worst thing ever.  Having a horrific politically incorrect sense of humor may scare off a lot of people but the ones it doesn't are good people.  Faking arguments in public is a good way to gauge how uptight people are around you.

From Charlie Chaplin.  "The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way.  Greed has poisoned men's souls...we think too much and feel too little.  More than machinery we need humanity.  More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.  You have the power to make this life a wonderful adventure."

From Henri.  People can change and become entirely different; some peoples' pasts will shock you.  Having a job you enjoy and being in control of your life will inevitably lead you to happiness.  Love your mother (as long as she doesn't suck.)  Being alone is acceptable.  It's important to keep in mind that bad days will happen but they don't have to warp your entire perception of your life.  Turning thirty isn't a horrible disease that will ruin your life.  Coca-cola is the center of the universe. 

Me and the crazy people in my life!!! So who had the best advice?


  1. Wow, what great advice (and people) you have in your life! This made me laugh, ponder upon my own life and it gave me some hope that I'm on the right path as I believe in and try to follow a lot of the advice that was passed down to you and shared here. I'd say the advice from Tobias and Charlie Chaplin resonate with me the most (but all of the advice applies to me in some way, shape or form)! Thank you so much for sharing this :).

    ~ Nailah

  2. I love that you began by saying that the messenger may not be the best person but the message sticks with you. My father always taught me that I have to be strong enough (& brave enough!) to look past the messenger, whomever they may be, and see the message. Ha, I probably should've written about that for my Blogtember post, oh well. Great read :)

    Kari | Lipstick Stains & Coffee Cups

  3. Your boyfriend is very wise. I like his statement about Coke, lol!
    There are many good thoughts in this post though. You are surrounded by some good people!

  4. You're wonderful. I like Derik's advice about friends. That is a good guy.