A pic-heavy post today!! I have been quiet because I traveled to Finland this weekend.  Henri and I left Stockholm Friday and spent Saturday with his cousin Tomi, and Tomi's girlfriend Julia.  Henri hadn't spent time with his cousin in basically their entire lives, so it was a 'getting to know you' experience for everybody.

My nerves weren't needed (as usual) because Tomi and Julia were both really amazing people.  So sweet and hospitable, I kind of wanted to live there.  (They'd get sick of me blasting soundtrack music at 3am.)  Tomi's similarities to Henri made me think of them as brothers instead of cousins--their birthday is only three days apart too!! Julia spent time in the states so it was great having someone to relate to on American things.  She could even make scrambled eggs!! Hearing the words 'scrambled eggs' is a rare jewel for me, so I was really happy about it.

We explored Helsinki, went to the Finnish National Museum, and later walked their adorable dog and finished with a late, nice dinner.  Sunday we had a drive to Fiskars Village; a sleepy little ADORABLE town known for blacksmithing and the production of tools! (You know those orange scissors you all have? Yep, they're from Fiskars!) Their tourist shops were cute as a button, the kind of place every blogger wants to open. I even got to drink apple cider while looking at pumpkins and smelling a fire...true autumn at its most beautiful.  I really underestimated Finland and now I am so excited to see more of it.

I should have taken more photos, but two boat rides and an entirely new country + new language + getting to know new friends really took precedence over blog photos.  Sorry but that's how it goes.  Anyway, you can still get a sample of what a great weekend it was.  And in other news, no I can't say a single word in Finnish and no I don't think I'll ever learn.  That language is a nightmare.

obligatory "emo ocean" on the way pic

the sauna!!! that's the biggest private sauna I've ever seen!

Have you ever seen a candid pic of yourself and been like 'wtf, do I walk like that?' yeah that was this photo. I was like, whoa, SASSY much?

Isn't Fiskars ADORABLE

Hejdå Helsinki!!!

more emo 'we are on a boat let's look contemplative' photos

Bonus: on the boat back we ran into an Elvis impersonator.  At first I cringed and rolled my eyes as I much prefer young, leather-clad Elvis to spangly Vegas Elvis.  But then he walked by us on his way out and I said "Hi Elvis!" and he did this wink/gun/lip curl as he walked by and I was like AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So yes, I get starstruck over Finnish Elvis.

I'm still tired from all the ship-riding, and I'm about to zonk out writing this post.  Tomorrow starts October's writing prompts!! I'm so excited!!

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