About Alex, By Madi.

Happy August, readers!!!
I have some pretty heavy and revealing and important stuff coming this month, stuff I am pretty excited and happy about.  But before that....I asked Madi, my bff, to write something for me for my 2012 Self Love project.

It's no secret by now that we are usually our own worst critic, but I had the idea that I should ask people close to me, who know me, and whose opinions I trust, how they would describe me to an outside source.  People I know wouldn't sugarcoat my traits or flaws and would tell the truth.  Madi tops the list of people who fit the bill, so here is her "about Alex." Also, thanks Madi, for finding THE most beautiful photos of me ever for this piece........

Alex is a beautiful, creative, and strong human being. She is my best friend, and completely worthy of that title. As a narcissist with a large ego, I have incredibly high standards for people, and I don't let just anybody into my life so deeply and extensively as I have Alex. So, obviously, she is of premium character.

The amount of shit and emotional turmoil Alex has been through in life is mind blowing, and almost impossible to comprehend to the outside observer. She has somehow, amazingly, and completely on her own overcome a long and harsh past of abuse.

However, as difficult as Alex's past has been and continues to be in her life, this is not what defines her. One of the biggest reasons I admire Alex so much is that she so effortlessly gives a big “fuck you” to societies norms and preconceived notions. She loves the things she loves, and does the things she does because she wants to, it doesn't matter what anyone in the whole world might think about it. She doesn't second guess her actions or worry about the validity of her emotions. She just is. And that is beautiful and amazing and enviable. 

A question she pulled from Reddit and answered here recently, “What is the biggest misconception people have about you?” (you can see her answer in this blog post), I disagreed with her answer because I felt that anyone who had even a slight understanding of her family life should understand why she feels the way she does about them. I think the biggest misconception might be that she isn't a super friendly and open person, that she might be difficult to get to know, and intimidating. It's a misconception because she simply has a strong personality and sense of self. She also doesn't waste her time with complete doofus's, or people she can't respect. Which, is an amazing quality, and if you are anyone worth knowing, Alex will be able to tell right away.

Even though it doesn't happen nearly as much as I'd like it to, seeing Alex is always amazing. It's as though I am living this life outside of myself, and once I come in contact with her, I regain my sense of self. I feel complete and like I don't have to second guess my actions, or worry about the way I will be perceived. It's always incredibly refreshing, and like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I will leave you with several more photographs. (you have no idea how hard it was to find any picture that was just normal and lovely.)

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  1. I love reading what your BFF has to say about you. We are our own worst critics! I love the things she said about you. I'm also in love with your flower crown. When you come back to Utah for a visit can we make some? I take your silence as a yes. Loves.