My First Midsommar.

A few notes about Midsummer:

If your friend's propeller has broken, make sure that you make him a fondant cake in the shape of a propeller despite never having worked with fondant before.  It'll turn out great.  Your boyfriend's kitchen will look like a war zone.  

If you have a UTI and can't drink alcohol, make sure that you don't mind being around a bunch of drunk people while you're entirely sober.  It's funny for about ten minutes, then it gets ridiculous.

If you want to make a flower chain, don't worry about those fancy ridiculous DIY tutorials all over Pinterest. All you need are flowers, branches, and the spirits of the Vikings to help you out.  Maybe some festive, pretty music too.  

If you have as beautiful, wonderful, and magical people in your life as me, you're certainly lucky indeed.

Aren't they all awesome and gorgeous people? God we could be like, Swedish models.  Despite mine and Madi's destructive faces.   I love my pretty Swedes (and Americans!)

This last photo was taken by Henri.  He immediately liked it, but I wasn't too sure about it.  It had been taken while I was mid-talking and I thought my mouth looked a little derpy, my eyes looked a little tired and I for some reason looked really old in the photo.

  But then I showed it to Derik and mentioned the lines under my eyes and how I felt old and he said, "You're not old.  You're young.  What you see on your face is your wisdom."  It was so touching it made me fall in love with the picture.

All photos were taken with Joacim's amazing camera!!! I'm in love with it. 
No idea about specs though.  What does this look like, an informative space? Psshh.  


  1. These pictures made my heart hurt. What an amazing time, and group of people... and place.

  2. I totally agree about the "being around drunk people" thing. I never get drunk so well, it happens to me all the time and it is sooo annoying. However, I'm glad you had a good midsummer. Maybe you didn't get the big thunderstorm over where you are? Maybe?

  3. I've never really gotten the floral crown thing - until this post! You are rocking that crown - you look like a forest spirit who's decided to join the mortals for a day. Beyond lovely.