Finding My Richard Parker.

Have you guys seen or read Life of Pi? It's a pretty amazing book that was made into a movie by Ang Lee, and both the book and movie are fantastic philosophical and allegorical masterpieces.  It's the story of an Indian boy named Pi who survives a shipwreck but is stuck on a lifeboat with an aggressive, deadly Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.  A lot can be said about the symbolism in the book, and I would write a whole review on it but I'm so physically and mentally exhausted I'll save it for another time.

To summarize, the tiger is the allusion to the fearsome, cruel survivor in people.  The boy, Pi, wanted to give up and die while being stranded, but fear of the tiger kept him alive.  Tending to Richard Parker is what saved him.  I watched the movie again last night with Henri and I realized...while I may not be out on a boat in the Pacific, I have to push through and survive while dealing with depression.  I have to find my Richard Parker, the "terrible one who keeps me alive" as Pi says.  It's a similar concept as the wolves in the Grey, which put fear into the plane crash survivors and keep them on their feet and moving.

When one is suicidal, it's nice to have support and hugs from loved ones and friends, but that's never what saves us truly.  It's that inner instinct, the fighter.  The Richard Parker, if you want to call it that.  I don't know exactly what part of me is the tough survivor, but I know it's in there somewhere.  Just gotta get it out somehow.  Now go watch or read this story if you haven't and be inspired.  I'll be over here missing my cat.

"What do you see, Richard Parker?  Tell me."

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