Fell in the Ocean. Was Drunk. Okay Now.

The title of this post is taken from my Facebook status, which I posted after returning home from the fall. 

This Friday, Henri and I had a little get together at his apartment.  I have a newfound love for cooking for our friends (I know, right? This is what Swedish hospitality does to me) so I made them delicious black bean and ground beef tacos, and raspberry cobbler plus tofu strawberry ice cream for dessert.  One of our friends is vegan so I make sure that the things I cook, he can enjoy.  I used to be vegan so I know how difficult it can be to hang out and enjoy food with friends.  Anyway, that is not the point of this video.

The point is, we got incredibly shitfaced and decided to walk all of the 30 seconds to the ocean-connected lake water (we are still arguing about what it's called) beside Henri's apartment.  I had this bright idea to walk to the water's edge and stick my fingers in to test the temperature and that idea ended with me falling in the water.  Brandy, my American friend who is visiting right now, tumbled in right after me.  The best part? One of our other friends-the vegan, Joacim-got it alllllllllllllllllll on camera.

My favorite part is when I am literally unable to move from laughter, followed directly by Brandy falling in dejectedly.


Sidenote: things ended up working out nicely because we were drunk and the water wasn't too cold.  So the rest of my friends stripped down and we all went for a swim in the water.  Henri stayed on land because he's old and his joints are too delicate for cold Nordic water.  All in all, the night was a great success. 


  1. That's what cameras are for, lol!!! Good for you it's been so warm lately!

  2. I'm seriously so happy someone got this on camera.