I Have Unpopular Opinions.

This is one of those blog posts I make half for cathartic release and half to see just who is fooling around on GFC and follows me for no particular reason (blogs like this usually make them unfollow.) I swear it's not in me to provoke people into hating me.  It just happens naturally once they learn more about me.  I'm sure many of you feel the same way.  I'm learning to be proud of who I am and that doesn't just include the nice pretty bits.  So read on to hear my take on some popular subjects--with my not-so-popular viewpoints.

 On Feminism: Feminism has been gaining a lot of ground in the past year or so.  It's plastered proudly all over tumblr and other blogging platforms.   It's like a third women's movement out there in internet-land.  First was the fight to vote, then the fight to ...burn bras? in the 70's....and now is the fight to....burn bras again.  No, but seriously.  Feminism creeps around under this guise of "equality" when pointing out a substantial difference in people couldn't be farther from equality.  Kind of like how "Black History Month" is kind of more racist than equal.  It bothers me when so-called feminists are suckered into this "movement" for equality purposes.  It's just like the big religions that say they're peaceful and loving, when all you have to do is pick up a holy text and see how damaging and prejudice they are.  Feminism favors women, and either dictates that the woman should be in charge, or everyoen is being punished for being a woman.  As though women are all these damaged and destroyed and set-up-for-failure lemmings just thrust into society.  It's completely asinine.

The thing is, you can't define feminism.  Everyone wants to call it something different, from the Nazi Feminists (man haters) on down to the lipstick-wearing stay at home mom feminists.  Put them together and they'd argue each other into oblivion.  And I don't believe in gender stereotyping.  What makes someone feminine? Is it having a vagina? Sexuality is so much more than male or female.  It's not black and white, there's a whole huge gray spectrum that gets shoved aside for these media-whoring "women's issues" or "men's issues."  Jesus Christ, no one is special for their vagina or lack of a vagina.  It doesn't make you born into oppression on its own and it doesn't give you privilege either way.  And a lot of women want to act like they're revolutionaries because they blog half-naked pics of themselves or draw themselves with leg hair.  Congratulations.  You're very special.  Now can you get over the fixation of this feminist trend and start treating everyone like the same fucking genetic makeup we all are?

On Happiness Being Simple: Only if you're a moron.  Life is hard, for everybody.  It's harder for some than others, but since we only live one life inside our own minds it's very hard to compare anyone's pain to ours.  The point is, we have a lot of bad shit happen and due to mental disorders as well as physical illnesses, shitty life situations, bad marriages/parents, and so on....we can become quite traumatized and unable to be happy.  These rejects that preach about simple peace and that it's not so complicated....fuck you, yes it is.  That's part of the very bittersweet and enigmatic beauty of life.  Nobody ever lives in a place of quiet mental sanctity where the simplest delights go appreciated and the daily worries go ignored.  It's not how we function, especially the intellectuals--who more often than not are more tortured than general society.  You can't tell someone who has manic depressive disorder to "cheer up and find happiness" any more than you can tell a brick wall to turn into a bouquet of flowers that smell nice.  It's just one of those notions that really annoys me because life isnt' easy, nobody said it was easy, nobody believes that it's easy, and nothing worth having is probably easy.  I'm not saying you can't find the occasional wonderful moment in solitude or a baby's smile.  I'm saying that you can't permanently exist in some chilled-out ultra happy life is perfect zone, at least not without heavy drugs.  And that's okay.  When are people going to realize that's okay? When are they going to stop pretending or aiming for this idiotic lower level of consciousness and think that it's feasible? Or that if you can't reach it, something is wrong with you?

On How We Ingest/Breathe Total Shit Every Day.  I used to be very bothered by the ingredients in food and medicine.  I used to be actively against certain deadly ingredients (aspartame as an example) and when people wouldn't get as outraged as me, I would get pissed off.  Don't people care about their health? Don't they want to use this one body the right way? Then I realized something: there are seven billion people on earth.  We could stand to lose a few.  I feel that this is the opinion that's the most unpopular--maybe not with all that anti-feminist preaching, but it comes close--but I don't really care.  I put good stuff into my body and I make sure that those I care about are at least educated.  The internet and new information about toxins in the world and in everything you put on your face, in your mouth, on your body, etc...is everywhere out there and if people want to research it, more power to them.  Hell yeah.  But for the Diet Coke addicts and all those chaps who will end up with colorectal cancer in ten years from eating McDonald's every day: what do you want me to do? How am I supposed to take responsibility for anybody else?

On Tolerating Religion: I won't do it anymore.  I used to think that I was just an atheist and someone very respectful of personal beliefs, but now I realize I am a staunch anti-theist.  I believe that religion is harmful and akin to child abuse if used in homes.  It took one of my close friends being caught masturbating by his mom and sent to a "porn addiction" group for years and identifying himself as an "addict" when I'm more addicted to potato chips than he is porn---for me to get really enraged.  This shit has got to stop.  Families should never force their children into any belief system other than the basic moral and law that governs basic human decency.  Creationism should be banned from schools, and churches should NOT be tax-exempt under any circumstances.  I am still shocked that it's 2013 and politicians--LAWMAKERS!!!!--are allowed to sit and fucking argue over uteruses.  I mean goddamn, really? Can you go fixate on something else? Maybe regulate some of that aspartame I talked about in the previous paragraph.

On Positivism: We are taught that being positive yields results in ways that can only benefit us.  After years of trying and failing with this method, I've finally accepted that I am a negative person, and more people than want to admit it are also negative people, and there's nothing wrong with that at all.  Negativity gets shit done too.  I don't care to be positive and it's another thing I think is highly overrated and misplaced in society (like religion and feminism.)  I am just as capable of loving, receiving love, creating, adventuring, philosophizing, and enjoying life in general through mud-colored glasses as I am with rose-colored ones.

There, hope you enjoyed my unpopular opinions!


  1. I can't understand what the hell is wrong with people to make these opinions are so unpopular. They all make perfect sense to me.

    I cannot find anything to disagree with here. Congrats on being a perfectly imperfect human being! :)

    1. HA! You are awesome. Thank you for making me feel so much better. Here I thought my follower number would plummet but it actually went up a few people. LOL. I guess people like my cold-blooded truth. Also I have no idea why I haven't had your blog link up, correcting that issue now!

  2. Oh this entire post just made me smile. I love you and your opinions. I agree with some and not with others. The one that made me laugh is when you talked about positive vs negative. I know that I am one of the mosh positive people there is and yet you and I can still be awesome friends. I don't judge you for being negative and (as far as I know) you don't judge me for my eternal optimism. I just love you!

  3. SO agree with point number 3! When i was considering being a naturopath (which I'm not anymore) I was thinking about how great it would be to educate so many people and change lives, and now I realize it's so fucking pointless. If that person isn't taking the initiative themselves when it's clear that what they are doing is damaging their bodies, then I don't care.

    I'm so torn with the religious one. I fully do not believe in religion and won't force it on my kids, but for some people it truly is life saving. For example, a homeless drug addict who found God and is now living a better life and is 'happy'. Yes, he may still have guilt for what he's done in life or have the fear of God in him, but at least he's not shooting heroin in the alley. For those people who 'find God' and for others who put their faith in God without preaching it to others (believe it or not there ARE those people! haha) I think it's fine. They are allowed to believe what they want, just like we are allowed to believe what we want. I do think it should be separate from the state and a private thing, however.

  4. I was born and raised in the LDS church and I am technically still a member (absolutely still a believer) and I quite agree with most of your views on religion. I'm not sure I think it's harmful but I do believe it should never be pushed on anyone. I think my family rebelled against the religion because we were forced into it. My parents by theirs, my brothers and I by ours, and so on. Creationism should NEVER be allowed inside a school building. I had an LDS biology teacher tell me that he would quit his job before he taught creationism because "it isn't fact". I found that so inspiring.

    Feminism has always bothered me and I get lip all the time from other women. Why am I not into empowering women? I must want things to go back to the days where we couldn't vote and (insert bitch slap here) ....

    I'm honestly not sure why your views aren't the norm. I'm openly pessimistic and it hasn't failed me as of yet. I don't look for the good in others because it's generally hidden so far down that I get tired of looking. I am in no way a racist (which is what they all say right) but your statement about black history month is something I think everyone needs to realize.

    I could go on and on but I think I'm going to end here and just say that this post is fantastic. Also welcome to the BBN team!!

  5. I read this list and was just like, check check check in my own head!

  6. On Feminism Article......... I wish I could give you a standing ovation, spot on there love. Spot on!!!

  7. I love all your unpopular opinions. I wish more people could just... chill out. I have an intense feminist friend who's posts I had to block on FB because every single one was about abortion. She's always going to these rallies and parades. I think she fancies herself a Susan B. Anthony, but how does parading around with a sign help anyone? I'm pro-choice and pro-(quality of) life, not pro-birth. If the child or mother is going to suffer or have a terrible existence then abortion is the right choice. And no one should be forced to do anything.